Research: One in 10 people has ever experienced the feeling of being close to death in a dream - Photo 1.

One in 10 people has ever experienced the feeling of being close to death in a dream

Near-death experience (NDE) is a common occurrence in people who have experienced life-threatening incidents such as car accidents, heart attacks, fighting enemies or giving birth.

Although this phenomenon is said to be rare, according to a study by Danish scientists, most people have experienced feeling close to death. In fact, 1 person in every 10 people experienced this feeling in every 10 people, about 10% of the 1,000 study participants from 35 countries.

First of all, they will be confirmed whether they have experienced the NDE feeling. If they did, they would continue to undergo an assessment tool called the Greyson NDE scale around 16 specific symptoms.

The research team also collected information about their dream experiences and discovered the most common experiences including abnormal time perception (87%), speed of thinking (65%), … and a sense of separation from the living body (53%).

A total of 289 people claimed to have experienced NDE sensation and 106 of them measured to reach level 7 on the Greyson scale, that is, to confirm the NDE phenomenon almost happened. About 55% said that NDEs were really life-threatening and 45% thought everything was normal.

The victim often describes himself as dead and sees an incredible peace as if a person had died. They feel the whole body immobile and extremely confused. Only about 27% of people think that this experience is pleasant, but 73% of people say it is scary because they seem to be experiencing the feeling of dying.

Like the lucid dream phenomenon, NDE-experienced people said they had almost unrelated physical or physical experiences but experiences in a spiritual world.

Some NDE-experienced people said they saw their souls being separated from the body, the singing of angels and aware that they were no longer a living entity. Many people also see a tunnel and bright light ahead, they even have a chance to meet their loved ones again.

Research: One in 10 people has ever experienced the feeling of being close to death in a dream - Photo 2.

A large number of people who experience NDE also experience such lucid dreams. And this correlation is what headache scientists seek to answer questions about near-death experiences.

Simultaneous research author Dr. Daniel Kondziella, a neurologist at the University of Copenhagen, confirms that these two phenomena may have somehow been linked.

In a situation where the brain senses a life-threatening threat, although the body is not dead, the brain responds in its own way. This reaction often appears before unexpected and dangerous situations and it is also the cause of lucid dreaming.

The researchers also investigated the link between NDE and Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep phase. This is the period when the eye moves quickly and people sink into the dream, especially feeling temporarily paralyzed because the brain sends signals to the spine to prevent the arms and legs from moving.

When REM sleep enters the waking state, some people claim they have hallucinations and symptoms as if they are paralyzed, unable to move even though they wake up.

Although the study has not been published in any scientific journal, it was shared at the recent Congress of European Neuroscience Academy. This is the result of the joint research team from the University Hospital. Copenhagen, Rigshospitalet hospital, University. Copenhagen, Berlin Stroke Research Center and University. Norwegian technology.

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