Directly Man City 0-0 Tottenham: Son - Kane started 39796

Pep Guardiola’s teachers and students were crowned at the Carabao Cup 2020/21 in a very deserving way.

Entering the Carabao Cup final, Tottenham welcome the return of striker Harry Kane. However, the presence of the English striker did not change the difference between the two.

Right from the time the ball rolled, Man City showed superiority with excellent ball control. Spurs have no other way to force themselves to defend, but Hugo Lloris still has to work very hard.

The audience was back on the pitch

Raheem Sterling is a player who owns the first delicious food opportunities on The Citizens side. However, the English striker continued to show his ungainly when repeatedly missed. Then it was Mahrez’s turn to regret the fans with two powerful but inaccurate long-range situations.

The first half ended with 11 shots for Pep Guardiola’s students and only 1 for the other end of the line.

At the beginning of the second half, Tottenham suddenly had explosive minutes. However, all only stopped at a dangerous long shot by Lo Celso. After that, the game returned to exactly the same way it was in the first 45 minutes.

After a series of missed opportunities, the goal finally came to Man City. Not strikers or midfielders, the counter-goal was midfielder Laporte with an accurate header in the 83rd minute, after De Bruyne’s beautiful cross.

Man City 1-0 Tottenham Direct: Golden Goals 39808

The correct header of the French midfielder

The late goal made Spurs no longer have enough time to turn the tide against Man City. The students of Ryan Mason had to pity his opponent to take the championship.

As for The Citizens, this is the first title in the ambition to win the treble this season.

Final: Man City 1-0 Tottenham


  • Man City: Steffen; Walker, Dias, Laporte, Cancelo; De Bruyne, Fernandinho, Gunodgan; Mahrez, Foden, Sterling.
  • Tottenham: Lloris; Aurier, Alderweireld, Dier, Reguilon; Winks, Hojbjerg; Lo Celso, Lucas Moura, Son; Kane.


Man City serve first!



De Bruyne crossed the ball a bit deep compared to the downward momentum of his teammates.

4 ‘

8,000 fans were allowed to come to Wembley in today’s match.

7 ‘

Man City, as usual, is the team that controls the ball more actively. Sterling has just had an impressive downside phase, but Foden’s shot was inaccurate.



Sterling headed off goal after Mahrez’s entry.

11 ‘


Mahrez took a direct corner to Tottenham’s goal, but goalkeeper Lloris was focused.

14 ‘

From a distance of only about 7 meters, Sterling swung his left foot very quickly, but the defenders played and blocked successfully,

18 ‘

Son Heung-min was fouled, there is still no chance for Ryan Mason’s students.

20 ‘

Alderweireld was the owner of Tottenham’s first shot. The ball goes light and does not endanger Man City.

Direct Man City 0-0 Tottenham: Spurs played stalking 39798

23 ‘


De Bruyne hit the fence from a range of forte.

26 ‘


Alderweireld played rolling, causing Foden’s shot from less than 7 meters to change direction and hit the post and out.

27 ‘


Reguilon had a free-kick after a dangerous tackle with De Bruyne.

30 ‘


Fernandinho tore through the Tottenham defense, but Sterling’s strike sent the ball out.

35 ‘

After a familiar dodging ball, Mahrez put the ball to his left foot and deviated the post from Tottenham’s goal.

40 ‘

Tottenham enjoy the first corner. However, the Lo Celso cross did not make it difficult for the City defenders.

45 ‘

Laporte illegally blocked a Tottenham counterattack and was shown a yellow card.

45 ‘+ 1


Cancelo finished the technique but could not win the beautiful flight of Hugo Lloris.


Man City was completely overwhelmed, but still did not get a goal due to the ungainly of the strikers.


Direct Man City 0-0 Tottenham: Spurs played 39805 stalking

47 ‘


Lo Celso put his mind on the technique that Steffen had to fall to his feet to stop.

52 ‘

Spurs are playing more confidently in the second half.

57 ‘


The ball found itself in the position of Hugo Lloris after Cancelo’s cross.

59 ‘

Fernandinho pulled himself too open for Hojbjerg and did not pass the referee’s eyes.

63 ‘


A quick counterattack by Spurs ended in disappointment when Hojbjerg passed the ball across the cross.


Gareth Bale and Sissoko were brought in. Lucas Moura and Lo Celso left the field.

Direct Man City 0-0 Tottenham: High speed 39807

71 ‘

After De Bruyne’s beautiful pass, Fernandinho headed for Lloris.

seventy three’


From the front of the goal, Mahrez used a powerful swing but still could not beat the Rooster’s goalkeeper.

79 ‘

Spurs are taking a deep step back in the formation to preserve the draw.

83 ‘

IN !!!!!!!!

Laporte hit the net after De Bruyne’s exemplary free kick.

eighty six’

The speed of the game is being pushed up very high.

89 ‘


Continuing to be Laporte with a dangerous header.

90 ‘

The second half had only 3 minutes of stoppage time


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