“Onboard Card” – The concept that most gamers say wrong but still understand correctly!

Linus Tech Tips – One of the Youtube technology specialized in PC channels still uses the word “Graphics Onboard” as an easy-to-understand expression on the concept of integrated GPU.

“Card onboard” is a word “true concept but deviating original meaning” that Vietnamese people use to refer to the integrated graphics on the CPU. Similarly, we also have other popular names such as onboard VGA, onboard GPU, Graphics onboard … In fact, they are still used extremely popularly, from computer technicians to private employees. sales consulting of technology companies … Even reputable technology communication channels.

Basically, this calling still conveys the meaning of the speaker, but its original meaning has long been misunderstood.

Original concept of “onboard card”

CPUs in the past did not have a built-in graphics core (iGPU) so it could not render on its own. So on some of the main Song Dynasty there is a built-in chip called Integrated Graphics Processor (IGP) used to support video output for the CPU. In some Western countries, they call this chip “Graphics onboard”, after coming back to Vietnam, it is called “onboard card” by seniors in early PC generations to distinguish it from discrete cards.

“Onboard Graphics” means “on-board graphics” that modern motherboards have removed the graphics chip so basically the words “Graphics onboard” or “onboard card” are also dead.

The current concept of “onboard card”

It’s been a long time since the last universal motherboard equipped with the true “onboard card” was manufactured. Instead, the integrated GPU is mounted on the CPU (Intel calls such GPUs iGPU). And we continue to use the word “onboard card” to refer to the integrated card on the CPU. So the word “onboard card” is not as dead as the chips on the mainboard, it just gets changed from one meaning to another.

You use the word “onboard card” to indicate iGPU is wrong, but you still understand that if you are talking about iGPU, it means it is correct!

Actually, I wrote this article not to urge you guys to correct the calling method to make it tired. In many cases, the call “Card onboard” is still convenient for the speaker and easier to understand for the listener. And if you are afraid of using the word “Card onboard” will be “hometown”, don’t worry, me and many of you do technology content, even Linus Tech Tips – a famous technology channel – still uses words similarly for the sake of interpretation.

Hope this article has brought you interesting information!

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