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On the smart clothes care cabinet LG Styler: 50 million do what?

LG Styler is LG's smart clothes care cabinet sold in Vietnam for 50tr. And many people ask the question, 50tr for a smart clothes care cabinet, but only 3 shirts 1 pants 1 time, do not clean as normal washing machine is expensive?

First need to confirm 50tr for this cabinet is not expensive. I just call an expensive item if the value it brings is not commensurate with the price, but here, this cabinet is only considered to be a high price for middle-income people. Basically, pricing for cabinets is reasonable. Even cheap with the user who needs it – those who feel sorry if they have to put their clothes on the washing machine often turn, spin wring, the few-dimensional dress shirt a few dozen million.


  • Nice, compact, with no plumbing installed, so you can easily place it anywhere in your home. Including the bedroom (because the sound produced is lower than 40dB, absolutely no noise). However, it should be noted, when buying should ask the installer to make sure – tighten 2 screws under the cabinet feet – tighten the rope (grab the attached accessories, it is important to tell the person to install them for treatment).
  • Up to 3 shirts 1 pants.
  • Convenient and responsive touch screen LED.
  • Surface against scratches.

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How does it work?

  • LG Styler uses TrueSteam Technology: Water is heated and transformed into steam to spray into the washing chamber. At the same time, the washing chamber moves 180 times per minute to dissolve stains, flatten and remove odors and harmful bacteria and substances. Finally will dry with low temperature. (Low temperature so as not to cause heat damage).
  • The inner hanger also moves horizontally to help penetrate the steam more deeply, and rinses the clothes to easily remove the smell / stains / bacteria as well as to aid in drying.

How to start:

  • Turn on the power. Select the mode. Hold on to start.
  • If using a control phone, hold down to turn on the wifi connecting the cabinet to the phone. Then, hold down to turn on the remote feature. (somewhat inconvenient). After you have successfully connected, the next time you do not need to turn on the wifi, but you still have to turn on the remote.

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What does 50 million do?

  • Machine 3 in 1: Refreshing + drying. + flattening (is). 4 main modes available on the screen
    • Refresh – cleaning: with 3 levels of light, normal, heavy.
    • Special Care – Special care: for special materials that need to be further treated such as vests, woolen, textiles.
    • Sanitary-Disinfection: eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and allergens. (Tested by intertek – certifies 99.9% of E.coli and S.epidermidis bacteria). Use when you want to disinfect furniture, especially children's clothes or blankets, animals.
    • Gentle Dry – gentle drying: if you go to rain to get wet or to pre-wash to remove stains, drain the water and put it in the oven for drying.
  • Download the SmartThinQ app and connect your phone to LG Styler, you will be able to download more and more specific modes.
    • You can choose what to handle specifically: Jean, leather, fur, scarf, feather coat, children's clothes, sportswear, woolen clothes or clothes that have just come back, coats thick or thin.
    • Can choose to disinfect baby clothes, dolls, teddy bears, or Vest / uniforms.
    • There are many more interesting modes such as warming blankets / jackets in cold days with Warm up, Refreshing long clothes in cabinets, reducing static electricity, ..
  • Dehumidify the room, when opening the cabinet door 45 degrees.

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Notes when using:

  • Classification of clothes: LG has a set of TV tutorials that you should download, very detailed. There are instructions, which materials are used, which ones to hang or put on the frame and which materials cannot be processed. I recount it, I think it will become a hero. In general, no matter who the review is, when you buy a new item, you still need to research the hdsd book yourself. For example: when hanging a ao dai, you need to remove the tray underneath, the underwear is put on the case, the pants are clamped to the side or leather (only 100% natural leather) should only be used with Air Fresh mode.
  • Do not set the router too far to disconnect. (I have been).
  • Do not arbitrarily open the cabinet when it is operating.
  • Do not use Styler with rubber, high temperature sensitive items. Carefully examine your pocket before putting in Styler.
  • Clean the cloth filter tray and check the water bottle first. (There are Empty Water or FillWater warning lights on the LED screen if you forget).
  • 5.2kg capacity is maximized: care should be taken to ensure the cabinet works best.
  • Too dirty clothes need to be treated before putting them in the machine. Pre-clean dirty items if needed, before putting them in Styler. LG said Straight Styler does not have washing machine function. Stains and dirt will run from one item to another during running time. Wash or remove dust and stains or areas where you need to pre-wash to avoid adding stains or dust or odors to the clothes. This also means that you should not wash your clothes slightly with a bad dish :))).
  • Unless turned on Night Care, laundry should be removed to avoid affecting the life of the item. Since the washing is finished, the cabinet still has heat circulation, is 100% sealed and needs a new time to return to normal. The clothes were dry but they were also steaming, then you understood what happened then ^^. However, if Night Mode is enabled, it will allow you to keep items in the cabinet for up to 24 hours.
  • Installing a coat jacket for better flatness, it is not easy to install it when it is easy to work.

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Washing test:

  • Confirm to eliminate all odors, all the smell of perfume remains. Just choose the right mode for that material.
  • For some clothes, old clothes are too creased to reduce wrinkles but not completely flat.
  • Obviously, heavy stains cannot be handled by cabinets.
  • Very clean washing. Just fix it well (because there are vibrations in every size).
  • Tried "foolish play" to rubber shoes into cabinets, resulting in stagnant water. => recommended not, the plastic / rubber case should not be put in.

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  • No need to care for washing powder, save water. No toxic chemicals. Environmentally friendly, water saving. (Maximum 2 liters of water in the container below)
  • Nice design, luxury.
  • Good in the rainy season, the cold season. Can be cleaned, both have a warm function for blankets and coats. The cold country would like this cabinet even more.
  • Remove wrinkles with delicate / delicate clothing such as soft cotton. Sometimes ironing does not know the temperature.
  • It is possible to wash stuffed animals, helmets, leather goods, shoes, canvas shoes (must be canvas shoes), blankets, bags … with shelves – which are things that cannot be put into the washing machine. It is also possible to flatten leather, blankets, etc. some items that you cannot iron.
  • Connected via the App, you can receive notifications when you finish washing, including the Cycle Set to suggest that the program fits your clothes.
  • For families who have to carry clothes to dry cleaners, people who have a lot of things are worth it. In addition, for those who are both rich and busy, it is even more delicious. Because the hang on hangs like hanging in the closet, when it comes out, it is clean and fragrant. The cost of drying for 2-3 years depends on the demand, which is equal to the cabinet fee, while the cabinet is for long-term use and 10-year warranty.
  • LG Styler does not use chemicals to care for and renew clothes. Because if brought to the store, users will not know what chemicals they use, are they suitable for their clothes? If the store uses inexpensive chemicals, unknown sources can harm the user's expensive clothes, especially for products like leather.

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Typical example is this – leather laundry mode to wash leather jackets. ^^. You can't put your leather jacket in the washing machine, it's very hard to wash your hands. For people like my friend who borrowed clothes – they like to go on tour – they wear a lot, they like this style, so carrying it to the laundry is also a tiring issue. And this cabinet is really a suitable thing.


  • Unable to wash multiple quantities at the same time
  • If you are in a hurry, it is still not really convenient, because the poorest will take 20 '.
  • Still have to press the Start button on the refrigerator connected to the phone, and also have to activate the remote on the cabinet to start controlling by phone.
  • The raw cloth and tights will not be able to completely flatten. Clothes that are too dirty, with stubborn stains, must be handled first.
  • Many modes are good, but too much leads to choking.
  • Downloaded modes do not display names but download 1 / download 2.
  • Consumes a lot of power.

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In short, unlike an expensive refrigerator or expensive tens of millions of air-conditioner, a wide audience, anyone can be a buyer. Even with normal families, they can still buy when they need a fridge large enough, keep food better, more technology. Refrigerator or air conditioner is still acceptable to many people because they buy it for the whole family, many users – it belongs to the popular demand group. Other LG stylers, it is somewhat more personal and targets a segment of its own customers – people who often dry clothes, busy people, people who own brands. 1 brand shirt costing several million VND even tens of millions. So buying a 50tr cabinet is cheap. If it's a civilian, of course it's still a habit to get into a few million washing machine.


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