On the smallest Flash drive type C in the world

On the smallest Flash drive type C in the world

At the TopDisk booth at Computex 2019, I came across a very interesting little item – a USB drive using a USB-C head called USB 3.1 Type-C Flash Drive. Interestingly, they call it the world's smallest type C Flash drive. I picked it up and found it small, similar to the XS Max camera cluster and probably only a little bit shorter than Type-C on the cable in length.


However, this counter is quite quiet and they do not share much information :(. They mainly talk to local local distributors, visitors, who can put things into the store. He was also caged, asking for a while to borrow a little to take some close-up shots.


The size of this small device is only 29.5mm long, 4.6mm thick and 10.4mm wide. It also has many bright colors to choose from like gold, pink, ..


This device supports USB 3.1 standard with maximum read speed of about 350MB / s, and maximum write speed can reach 100MB / s, there are 2 versions of 128GB and 256GB.


As their illustration, the most convenient is to plug in the phone in a compact way to copy data from your smartphone. It should be noted that this product only has a single USB-C port, not a USB-A connector like some previous products, so you will have trouble copying data with others.





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