On the hands of speakers B&O BeoPlay A1: Small but martial, genuine gifts when buying OPPO Find X2
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On the hands of speakers B&O BeoPlay A1: Small but martial, genuine gifts when buying OPPO Find X2

Surely many people are not too strange with B&O which stands for extremely famous audio brand Bang & Olufsen from Denmark. Below this article, I will go with you to open one box This portable speaker from this famous brand is B&O BeoPlay A1, telling you this is a gift for OPPO Find X2!

B&O BeoPlay A1 speakers
This is our B&O BeoPlay A1 speaker, it looks like a pie.

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Appearance looks like a cake

B&O BeoPlay A1 speakers
B&O BeoPlay A1 speaker box.

Our speakers are placed in a box that we feel luxurious and sure from the outside already. The front of the box is shaped like a circular speaker, with the B&O brand name and the product name is A1. Around the box are the functions of the “sister” and we will discuss later.

B&O BeoPlay A1 speakers
The front of the B&O BeoPlay A1 speaker.

Inside the box, there is a user manual and a USB-C standard charging cable that connects to the peach tree. Coming to our speaker, B&O BeoPlay A1 has a round shape and looks like a cake, due to its quite heavy weight up to 600 grams, so holding it for too long is also tiring!

B&O BeoPlay A1 speakers
The back of the B&O BeoPlay A1 speaker.

The upper half of the driver is completely aluminum, always quite touching, creating a high-end feel for the user. The bottom is not metal anymore, but plastic, with the B&O logo.

B&O BeoPlay A1 speakers
Basic buttons are placed around the B&O BeoPlay A1 speakers.

Around the built-in USB-C port, 3.5mm headphone jack, basic buttons such as the power button, volume up and down, bluetooth connection key and mic key.

B&O BeoPlay A1 speakers
The product also has a pretty cord so you can hang it somewhere, just decorate and enjoy music.

Is the connection stable?

You should download a Beo Play application to manage the connection easier. This software allows to customize the parameters that we hear on the speaker as warm, entertaining, inspiring and bright.

B&O BeoPlay A1 speakers
The connection is stable without any problems.

Users simply press the power button lights up, then press the Bluetooth key the green light lights up and now turns on Bluetooth on your phone and then connect only.

BeoPlay A1 also supports and is fully compatible with the AptX decoder so it delivers high sound quality when transmitted via wireless protocols such as Bluetooth.

If you don’t like Bluetooth connectivity, you can also use a USB cable to connect the speaker to computers running Windows or Mac OS and immerse yourself in the world of high-quality music directly decoded via the DAC decoder. .

Healthy sound

Although it looks small, B&O BeoPlay A1 produces a strong sound, strong and powerful bass, 3 bands of sound are reproduced well, clearly, the maximum volume is not distorted.

B&O BeoPlay A1 speakers
B&O BeoPlay A1 speakers for good sound quality.

When listening to EDM music, you will have a sense of excitement not light, listen to POP songs, the singer voice in the natural expression, not too thin and bring a sense of comfort. Listening outside, the sound is somewhat thin, but when listening to a room of 20-30 m2, everything is nothing to blame.

Some other features

B&O BeoPlay A1 has a built-in 2,200 mAh battery for 24 hours of music playback at medium volume, you can listen to the music all day until night, then plug it in and go to sleep the next day. The device also supports mic for you to talk, answer incoming calls always.

B&O BeoPlay A1 speakers
The durability of BeoPlay A1 is not high, care should be taken.

BeoPlay A1 is not waterproof, only light splash and moderate dust resistance. So you should use it carefully, after all, the durability is also in that person.

General conclusions

I refer if you buy B&O BeoPlay A1 separately, the money you spend is quite high, with a delicious mid-range smartphone genuine. But if I bought the OPPO Find X2 and received the gift of this speaker, I realized that this is a really quality gift.

Details of the promotion program when booking OPPO Find X2 here:

Booking time is from March 16 to March 31.

  • Free B&O A1 Beoplay speaker (Worth 7,900,000 VND).
  • 0% installment plan.
  • 18 month warranty.
  • 6-month screen breakage insurance.

OPPO Find X2

24,990,000 VND

Coming soon

Screen: 6.78 “, Quad HD + (2K +)CPU: Snapdragon 865 8 coresRAM: 12 GB, ROM: 256 GBCamera: Main 48 MP & Secondary 13 MP, 12 MPSelfie: 32 MPPIN: 4200 mAh, with fast chargingSee details

Do not know how you evaluate B&O BeoPlay A1, please share your opinion below the comment section!

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Edited by Vuong Gia Bao

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Can I ask if you don’t take that A1 speaker, can you deduct money from the price of the device?
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MTLE MINH TRIENAdministrators

I have no information on deducting promotional gifts from the selling price of the product, I hope you can help me. If you are interested in this OPPO Find X2 Phone, please register to receive information when the product arrives at the website to help me, when there is a supermarket, it will notify me immediately, please.
Please inform me!
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