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On the hands of an old PC case worth 10 Million, a nice balance of COD Warzone and many other games

-> Maybe with some of you when thinking about investing in a computer system to play games, it will be more inclined to the latest Gear sets, with the new generation CPU, the new generation VGA..v.v.v. But personally, I have a different thought when it comes to a computer kit for gaming, I assembled a CPU case for around 10 million to play Warzone, PUBG, Euro Track Simulator 2, Froza 4 .. .. And after playing time, I am very satisfied with the money, so I want to share my opinion when installing a PC gaming case with my brothers.

Priority for your current time when investing a PC case to play games is the price of savings, this is a top priority. Because I do not have too much time to “plow” the game, just when I have free time, when I need to play, there is a machine to meet. And after a year ago, I sold my whole box assembly is 100% new with Core i5 8400 basic configuration, 16gb Ram DDR4, VGA64 … I am now very satisfied with my old PC case that I share below, with the price I think is very low compared to what it has.

Configure your gaming PC case cost 10 million:

Main Board + CPU: Asus TUF Sabetooth Z170 Mark 1 + CPU intel Core i7 6700K: This is the combo that I acquired by the user who upgraded and left over for 5 million. If this option is assembled with an AMD Combo, there may be a good new set for gaming, but I chose this old Combo to meet more needs when I need to use it. With the advantage of the Main Board system, which has a design oriented for gamers, because the systems are optimized and I pay special attention to it is the cooling system for the Main, helping Main always promote the best systems. processing system left on it.


– As for the CPU 6700K in the process I use to play the actual game is quite redundant, the CPU always operates at no more than 60% of the games I play.
– Ram is quite easy to choose for this system, mainly depends on the price you pay for it. At present, 16GB of DDR4 Bus 2400 RAM in the market is only about VND 1.4-1.5 million, which is suitable for this system. But the same price I have another option is to buy Gskill Sniper X 3600 RAM from friends, for the needs if there is an upgrade later.

VGA Zotac GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Mini 8G GDDR5


– The reason I chose this card is because the price I buy is quite cheap (I see that), only cost 3.5 million dong with a little coffee to buy the card used for surfing. I myself know that it is not really strong to achieve “has”, nor can I achieve greed in myself when even its name, as well as its generation, is not new. . But it is exactly what I need, exactly what I seek because of its price and ability to meet my gaming needs, so there is nothing else to complain about. albeit on many angles.

Choosing heat sink for this system.

on_your_date_value_10 millionmillion-3.jpg

– I had a “stingy” cooling system option with the new Cooler Master Hyper 212X cooler for 800,000 VND. I should have bought the water cooling system for the above unit, but because I did not think so much, I chose to use air cooling. In fact, my experience these days is not a problem, the heavy game I play is the system temperature is below 75 degrees Celsius, but I see if running a game or other application consumes more CPU it is very likely that this air radiator will be quite weak.

There are a number of other components, I can take advantage of the available ones, or go for or buy for very cheap price that is negligible such as the old case, 256GB SSD (about 1.2 million), power supply for 550w machine is enough. the price is only 500,000 VND or more. My total cost is about 10 million VND for the aforementioned system.

Quick comments on the two games that I focus on, as well as playing a lot on this configuration PUBG and Call Of Duty Warzone.


– For PUBG, I personally think that PUBG is somewhat unrealistic in the graphics capabilities, when the game’s graphics take up too much of the machine’s resources, especially the VGA Card. For my apparatus, the VGA Card always makes the most of what is possible to keep a stable frame rate at 70-80FPS, VGA resources occupy continuously around 97-98%, and The CPU is quite redundant and leisurely when it’s only around 55% again. The default in-game graphics settings were received at Ultra, and the screen I played was Samsung 2K with a refresh rate set to 144. Everything would be more perfect if there was a powerful and optimal graphics card. more, but I think it is not worth it, because the graphics of this game is not really “has” even with a stronger configuration.


– For the game Call Of Duty Warzone, in my opinion, when compared to PUBG, it is more stable, because of the beautiful graphics and clear and dark patches, clearly showing the level of graphics when it has consumed too much structure. picture of the machine. And especially with most settings in Hight, the machine still weighs very “strong”. Although not able to pull Max the graphics settings of the Game, but with the demand for gaming entertainment without any professional like me, it is very satisfied and fun, basically just a machine, ready with the game with friends (actually assembled to play Warzone when friends are manipulated).

In summary, I would like to remind you that you have a hobby of playing games, but your money is limited, you are brave enough to invest in installing one rig, not necessarily the latest generation computers, not necessarily The latest generation 8-9-10 CPUs, it is important for your money and it can meet what you want. Hope you come here to share more about your old gaming computers so that you can exchange knowledge, and make reasonable choices.


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