On the hands of 3-way wireless charger iPhone, Airpods and Apple Watch of Baseus

On the hands of 3-way wireless charger iPhone, Airpods and Apple Watch of Baseus

Brothers who play the full set of Apple wireless chargers will need this charging table very much. Quick tests found it met the needs well when simultaneously charging all three delicious devices. However, I have had experience with 2 charging devices of Baseus before, only 2 days of use is broken so I am not very confident.

  • Simultaneously charge 3 devices: iPhone, Airpods and Apple Watch.
  • The charging position is for each machine not to be confused.
  • Charging 3 devices at the same time, the iPhone is 5W, the other two are 2.5W each. If charging iPhone or iPhone and another, iPhone will be charged at power faster than 7.5W.
  • This charging table is powered by USB-C port and in the box there is no charger so you need to give it a charger with a little power, at least 12W, then charge 3 delicious ones.
  • Baseus used to make charging devices for many devices but through many things I tried, only one worked well. The light weight of the plastic is mostly broken soon after. I don't know if there's fake Baseus.










Thanks to Apple Tan Phu for lending me Baseus charging table on hand.


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