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On the hand of the SlimQ-GaN65AC charger: the laptop charger is now small in the palm

Recently, many compact chargers have been born thanks to many devices using USB-C Power Delivery standard. If previously you had to carry very bulky laptop chargers, the laptop chargers are now only in the palm of your hand. The SlimQ charger I shared in the article is an option not only capable of charging USB-C but also USB-A that supports fast charging technology up to 18W.

According to the product code name, SlimQ applies a material technology called Gallium Nitride (GaN), which has many advantages over silicon with characteristics such as maintaining a higher voltage level than silicon, current flows. through the device is also faster. This means that the amount of wastage will be reduced, resulting in less heat generation and higher efficiency. In terms of the size of the home, manufacturers can calculate accordingly to optimize costs compared to the size you want to create. Many chargers with GaN technology are now available in the market.

Speaking of SlimQ GaN65AC, this charger has a height-oriented design compared to a standard iPhone 5W charger. Its outer shell is made of plastic with rubber trim on the outside, adorned with the logo of the project development team calling for capital on Indiegogo. The bottom is a standard US / Japan power port that does not fold, though it is a little entangled, but the size of this SlimQ charger is already very small.

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The USB-C port on the SlimQ GaN65AC supports up to 65W of power, which means that if you use one port to charge it will be enough for the MacBook Pro 13 (61W original charger). If there is an additional USB-A device charging, the capacity will be reduced to about 45W. This is also sufficient for many Windows Ultrabook laptops such as Dell XPS 13 or Lenovo ThinkPad using Intel Core U.

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I tested SlimQ with 2016 MacBook Pro with Galaxy S10e and Galaxy S10e obtained 30-minute charging results with 40% battery for the computer, 21% for the phone battery from 1% battery capacity. It can be seen that the amount of power input is very good for such a period. In more detail, I need more time to test, so I haven't shared much.

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In terms of temperature, SlimQ GaN65AC does not produce much heat compared to some of the chargers also with GaN technology, of course it is cooler than standard chargers. So you complete peace of mind when using this charger. The compact size also makes it convenient to travel. However, when attached to a wall, such a design will protrude quite a lot.

I borrowed this charger on the page siliconz, this is the unit that has imported technology products from capital raising projects, typically the Keychron keyboard series that Delicate introduced. In the set of products priced at VND 990,000, you will have a bag, two-meter USB-C cable with 2-meter long anti-tangle design, a very soft touch like a beef noodle. The manufacturer also provides more adapters for other Ultrabook laptops such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft Surface, priced at 150,000 VND, Apple MagSafe 1 and 2 wires cost 200,000 VND. However, devices that are recommended to have a charging power level below 65W will be stable, and higher may not be enough. The charging capacity of Windows laptops you can easily find on the adapter of the laptop is in use.

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