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On the hand of Harman / Kardon Citation One, small smart speaker that has martial, enough to listen to music for medium-sized rooms

Today I introduced the Citation One, the smallest, lowest-priced smart speaker in Harman's Citation line. Compared to the sour Citation 500 of up to 18 million, the Citation One is much cheaper, only $ 200 is about VND 5 million.

If you choose 1 pair, you will have more than 10 million to get 2 Harman speakers, easy to decorate in the living room than a super heavy one like Citation 500. Buying in pairs is also a reasonable choice because Citation One can be connected into a stereo pair, enhancing the experience of watching music and watching movies more.

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So, what's the cheapest Citation version? Brothers are almost all. You will have a 24-hour Google Assistant virtual assistant, will control multiroom with Google Home app, and will be supported with many familiar music services like Spotify, Google Play, iHeart Radio, … Not to mention, Google Assistant Now Vietnamese is available, so from the day I used some smart speakers like Citation One, I turned on the lights, turned on the music, asked for the time, asked the weather of the hammer without touching my hands. Only the capacity, the Citation One specification is somewhat more modest, including an 8.9cm woofer and a 2cm tweeter. But with its size, I find 40W capacity is quite OK.

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You care about its sound quality, I advise you to find a place to sell and listen to it, because it is small and has martial arts. The bass is high, the treble is bright, the mid has enough features of Harman Kardon loudspeaker, due to the limitation of capacity, you cannot open the volume too loudly but in detail, it is assured that Citation One still performs well enough songs. In particular, you listen to a pair of Citation One, it will give a wide soundstage, a better degree of clarity than Citation 500 because of the buffalo capacity, buffalo (200W), Citation 500 is just a single speaker, no How to reproduce the soundstage as well as the Citation One speakers when connected in Stereo mode.

Saying it again, Citation One will have a limited volume. The first one is bass up unevenly with treble, big volume up, it will be dazzling. This is a disease of Harman speakers in particular and most active speakers in general, ensuring that the amplifier circuit is strong enough to pull the bass band up is very difficult, not every company can optimize. The second is that the big music opening on Citation One will have a broken sound. In my opinion, you use Citation One to open the volume about 70-80%, which is good enough, but if you listen to both Citation One speakers always, I don't think it will be small.

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In short, I really like this small and beautiful Citation One, put one on the desk, the desk is convenient, and also beautifies my work space. You can take advantage of a pair of Citation One to connect to the TV to watch music and watch movies in the living room with family and friends. So good.

– Compact, minimalist design, you can pair 2 speakers into one Stereo pair
– Google Assistant, Chromecast integrated, compatible with Google Home, with Bluetooth always
– Rich sound quality, can hear everything in the world
– The most accessible price in Harman's Citation line
– The capacity is just enough to use, not covering the space is too large
– Do not open max volume


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