On Tanabata, 19 years of single, other officials announced new endorsements, and they chose official divorce

On Tanabata, 19 years of single, other officials announced new endorsements, and they chose official divorce

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August 25 is also the traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day, Qixi Festival. In this day full of pink bubbles, social platforms such as Moments of Friends and Weibo are all days to confess to the other half. Various celebrity couples and couples in the entertainment industry are also sprinkling dog food, but there are also various dynamics of singles.

On the day of Qixi Festival, Wang Yuanguan announced his new endorsement. On this day full of love and affection, Wang Yuan, who has been single solo for 19 years, can only focus on his career.

But to Wang Yuan’s mother, Wang Yuan is no longer young. Wang Yuan has openly complained about her mother. At the age of 18, when eating together, she officially talked to Wang Yuan about the daughter of a friend. How is it, I wanted to introduce it to netizens, but Wang Yuan rejected it at the time, saying that he was only 18 years old.

For Wang Yuan, it is also in an ascendant period. In addition to his young age, he is not anxious about personal emotional problems, and his career is the main focus.

The actor Martin Fang chose to officially announce his divorce on the social platform on the Chinese Valentine’s Day. He ended his eight-year marriage with his ex-wife and was divorced 10 months ago, but he still maintains the relationship between his family and friends.

Some netizens said they were shocked by this news. Martin Fang and his ex-wife were very affectionate during their marriage. They often took close group photos on social platforms and shared their daily life, enviing others.

Martin Fang is a Swedish, with the handsomeness and charm of a Western man, and his wife is also a Taiwanese. He has been developing in Taiwan, becoming the host of a certain show, and also accumulating many resources and contacts in the circle. As for the reason that led to the end of their marriage, Xu was tired of the cumbersome chai, rice, oil and salt, and Xu couldn’t stop the temptation of the temptation entertainment circle. No matter what the reason, only the parties knew best.

On the occasion of the Qixi Festival, TVB actor Ai Wei was reported by the media that at the age of 61, he ended his 18-year marriage with his wife Lisa. Ai Wei is a TVB actor with excellent acting skills and a well-known husband in the entertainment industry. In the past 14 years, his wife Lisa suffered from uterine cancer and required sky-high surgical fees for a series of treatments and rehabilitation.

There is a saying, “The husband and wife are birds of the same forest, and the catastrophe is about to fly.” However, Ai Wei did not choose all kinds of flying, but bankrupted his family and did everything he could to cure his wife. I really feel a lot of people for the love of couples who are in trouble together, but I never thought that they could not join hands and regain their white heads. Ivey resumed his single life, which made people feel sorry.

Feelings are for a while, but they can’t ask for it, cherish the present and cherish the rich. The day with a lover is Valentine’s Day every day. Singles without a lover will meet their true love one day in the future.


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