On tablet hands Masstel Tab W101: cheap, running Windows 10 - VnReview

On tablet hands Masstel Tab W101: cheap, running Windows 10 – VnReview

Masstel Tab W101 is one of Masstel's two Windows tablets sold in Vietnam. The highlight of this product is running Windows 10 operating system, quite well configured, with keyboard accessories to use as laptop and cheap price.

The market now has quite a few Windows-based tablets to use as support devices. Computer manufacturers usually have only one or two Windows tablet models, such as HP with Pavilion X2, Acer with Aspire Switch 10 or Lenovo with Miix 3. These tablets all cost about 8-10 million VND. , much higher than the Masstel Tab W101 price of VND 5 million.


Masstel Tab W101 has a lightweight, light-weight design at the corners. The body is designed with plastic material with accents that the metal scratched back looks like a solid feeling and enhances the appearance of the product but this back surface is also easy to attach fingerprints. The device is about 10mm thick, equivalent to the Lenovo Miix 3 but slightly thicker than the current Android tablet. The front panel of the Tab W101 has only the Windows key and 2MP camera and light sensors. While the back of the device has a 5MP rear camera and information about port functions, keys on the border.

Like many other Windows tablets, Masstel Tab W101 has many connectivity ports. In addition to the headphone jack, this tablet supports up to 2 MicroUSB ports (one charging port and one OTG support port to connect to peripheral devices such as mice, external hard drives, USB), a micro HDMI port to output images to a large screen or projector, MicroSD card slot supports up to 64GB capacity and micro-SIM card slot to use 3G network.

The Masstel Tab W101 has the same weight as the Lenovo Miix 3, and the tablet body itself is 550g. When attaching an extra keyboard cover, the total weight is 950g, still compact and light enough to carry with you.

The keyboard's protective cover and keyboard are coated with lumpy rubber plastic, which keeps the fingerprints, and keeps the fingerprints very smooth, but if it is dirty it is difficult to wipe. This case can be folded to form a leg to support the machine when placed on a table like a laptop. However, the shell only has a single opening angle of about 30 degrees, which is not as flexible as a laptop.

This case is attached to the body via two mounts and a 5-pin magnet. Mounting is also easy, just by placing the tablet next to the magnet pin, the two parts will automatically attract each other. The attraction of this magnet is just enough to hold the device fixed when erected, not strong enough to hold the body of the camera upside-down like Microsoft's Surface RT we had the opportunity to experience before.

This protective cover does not add the battery and connector port as some products do, but this is not a problem because Masstel Tab W101 has a large battery capacity (7000 mAh) and many connection ports on the edge of the device. .

It supports micro-SD card slot and micro-SIM card

Screen and speaker quality

Masstel Tab W101 is equipped with 10.1 inch screen with Full HD resolution, 16:10 ratio with a pixel density of 226 PPI. This pixel density is sufficiently sharp to display the content on the device because of the tablet, the distance is much more distant than smartphones. The screen displays a fairly standard color, good contrast, color temperature close to balance but the viewing angle is quite narrow, the screen is glossy and especially the maximum brightness is not high, so it is difficult to see when using outdoors.

This tablet has two external speakers located on the right side (when placed horizontally in laptop mode) with a fairly large volume, enough to cover the room about 20 square meters and normally when used indoors only need to pull about 50 -60% volume is enough. However, the layout of the speaker must be easily covered by the hand to affect the volume when holding the camera horizontally.

Experience software and performance

In terms of software, Masstel Tab W101 comes preinstalled with Windows 10 operating system and basic office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This combined with the accompanying keyboard can turn the device into a compact and handy laptop for mobile work.

Masstel Tab W101's keyboard is designed with alphanumeric keys with standard sizes, so it's easy to type. The armrests are moderately sized, enough to comfortably place your hand even though the distance key is slightly missed. Good typing with a long enough key journey. The trackpad track is also quite wide and responsive, with multi-point support. For office work while on the move, this keyboard is enough to respond quite well.

In terms of performance, the Masstel Tab W101 is equipped with an Intel Bay-Trail CR Z3735F quad-core 1.3GHz processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of memory supporting memory card slot. This configuration is similar to the Lenovo Miix 3, which is sufficient to handle basic tasks such as text editing, web browsing, movie viewing, light game play and switching between applications. use. It has a fast boot speed, only takes about 30 seconds. However, Masstel Tab W101 starts to run slowly when the browser opens about 4-5 tabs. This is not a device for playing games or graphics processing because the configuration of the machine is not enough to meet these tasks.

The 7,000 mAh battery has a decent amount of time. When trying to watch movies in HD resolution, the device stayed 6 hours and 18 minutes continuously from full to 10%, much better than the battery of the Lenovo Miiix 3 (5 hours and 45 minutes from battery life). full until it runs out and turns itself off).

Preliminary conclusion

With the keyboard and cover protection with Windows 10 operating system and built-in basic Office applications, the Masstel Tab W101 is a relatively convenient two-in-one device. It can be used as a tablet and can be used as a laptop when needed. Good battery life is also a remarkable advantage in this product.

Overall, Masstel Tab W101 is suitable for those who need a cheap tablet that can be used for work on Windows platforms and especially a hard keyboard for fast data entry. However, note that the screen of this tablet has a maximum brightness and is not high, so it will be limited when used outdoors.


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