On spring day, watch the amazing decks of cards refreshed by Vietnamese artists for 6 minutes to read

On spring day, watch the amazing decks of cards refreshed by Vietnamese artists for 6 minutes to read

In the moments of spending Tet with friends and family, playing cards (traditional or western cards) is a familiar form of entertainment for Vietnamese people. Thanks to the creative ideas and design talents of graphic artists or agencies, the familiar cards have been dressed in new, unique and aesthetically pleasing shirts.

Post log – Tu Ngo & Tuan Huynh

The song hut is a typical folk tune and game in Central Vietnam, which later developed into a type of theater and theater. In 2003, UNESCO recognized the art of Central Vietnam as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

The traditional deck of cards has 30 children, divided into three phoenixes, called Van pho, Van pho and Sach pho; Each pho has 9 cards and one Love card. The game takes place in huts made of thatched bamboo.

After watching the hut song performance, the graphic designer Tu Ngo The idea of ​​redrawing the cards came up, hoping to make the public curious to learn more about this unique folk art form.

See the project of Tu Ngo

Together take the material from the log, in the project The Bai Choi Assembly Hall, Tuan Huynh has recreated this folk game in a brilliant modern style.

See the project of Tuan Huynh

Crab gourd – Maztermind

Crab gourd is a familiar game for the southerners. When in hand Maztermind, a brand that designs and distributes traditional board games, crab gourds have become home decorations or fun gifts. The product is aimed at the young generation, who are looking for boardgame with high aesthetics and durability to play with friends or family during Tet.

Stylized images of mascots are drawn and styled in a new style with the main color red symbolizing good luck. Materials and colors are more eye-catching, but still retain the spirit of folk games.

See project by Maztermind

All-People & Freedom Cards – Ù Round

Ringing has blown a new color into the Western deck with the Vietnamese image of the 20th century with two decks of cards All people and Free, with that you want “Create products or services that feel as happy as being round in a game“.

Two decks of cards are a general picture of the people of Vietnamese society in the early and mid-20th century – a period of upheaval, ideals and transformation aspirations. Design ideas taken from propaganda, colorful and sturdy.

In particular, the paper’s material Free FSC type (paper timber harvested from sustainably managed and developed forests). Ringing also made an extra limited version with high quality paper for customers who like to collect and use paper cards, especially card dance and magic players.

See the project of Ó Tron

Card Corona – Excellent

Poker Corona imbued with the spirit of ancient Vietnamese culture through motifs inspired by Dong Son culture. However transformed back to a deck of cards with Western origin, but the designer Awesome has cleverly put into the famous Vietnamese motifs that are patterns on the bronze drum, expressing the development of society and a high level in handicrafts.

Everything on the card is simple stylized and carefully selected. The back of the card has a picture of four stray birds flying around a diamond, the center of which is a multi-pointed star, a common image and a typical symbol of the sun god to the ancient Vietnamese. Name Corona also comes from this image, which means “halo around the sun and moon”.

See the project of Great Duyet

Western 54 Vietnamese ethnic groups – Quynh Anh Le Vu

With a passion for playing cards, along with wanting to create value in both content and form for them, and at the same time conveying the cultural identity of the proud Vietnamese nation, the Ethnic Vietnamese deck was born. By putting 54 ethnic groups on each card (more specifically, the image of women’s costumes of each ethnic group), accompanied by a simple and easy-to-understand graphic method, the deck is not only beautiful in appearance but also also has high value in content.

See the project of Quynh Anh Le Vu

Streetwear card – Dosiin

Dosiin release the deck of cards Dosiin Tan Nien – version 2021 With the street design, fully expressing the streetwear spirit of the brand.

Graffity style “extreme” is shown on a black background and Digital color gamut is used on the back of the entire card and box. Each card inside is full of Hip-Hop characteristics: skateboarding, rap, local brand fashion, …

See Dosiin project

Brandex – Brandex

BrandexA creative agency specializing in identity design, selected the Tam Cuc, which is no longer popular among the younger generation, to bring this traditional value back. In ancient times, this kind of card was often played during Tet holidays, especially people in the North had the habit of playing when soup cooked banh chung.

Inspired by calligraphy word, Brandex create a separate font set with bold traditional identity. All graphic and vignette elements are based on ancient details. The colors are inspired by neon lights on the streets of Hanoi on the 30th of Tet, bringing a cheerful and modern look.

See the Brandex project

To sum up: 19August

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