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On Raspberry Pi 4 hands: run faster, new ports are a bit annoying

After a long wait, the Raspberry Pi 4 (full name: my Raspberry Pi 4 Model B) has finally arrived, too. In general, the size of the device does not change much compared to before, but compared to the RPi 3 I am using, there are many upgrade points for configuration, connection port and network. Some are more useful, but there are some changes that make me feel more bothered.

The most obvious difference of Raspberry Pi 4 compared to previous generations is that it has removed the HDMI port, removed the microHDMI power port, instead switched to using USB-C port to power and HDMI microphones for TV. image. Up to 2 microHDMI ports on the device for you to export images to 2 monitors at the same time, support 4K resolution, quite bear.

But the problem also appeared with these two ports. With microHDMI, to connect to the current screen, I have to buy a converter from microHDMI port to HDMI. MicroHDMI ports were popular on smartphones between 2012 and 2014, but after that it was no longer popular so finding accessories for it was a bit sour. I scoured for a while to find microHDMII – HDMI converter of Ugreen for 59K on Tiki. This is cheap, but I have to wait a few more hours to experience my RPi 4, hate it : D. But okay, finally, it made the screen run.

With USB-C ports, things are a bit more complicated. I didn't buy it with a Raspberry source, I think the USB-C port doesn't use any charging cable. It is true that the design of RPi 4 is like that, but because it lacks some components on the circuit, the genuine USB-C cable will not work with RPi 4, such as cable of LG screen, MacBook charging cable … You can read more about that limitation here, and in the future RPi 4 will be updated to fix this device.

For the time being, I am using RPi 4 with a USB-C cable of a certain phone (unknown, too long to forget), I feel fine. I think the USB-C cables that come with the phone will work. Just make sure that your charger can supply power with line 3A and above, RPi 4 will not run smoothly if the current is weak.

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I tried installing the latest Raspbian operating system from Raspberry.org on this RPi 4, but nothing changed except the new driver file, from using the operating system to the interface. The difference is that the interface is smoother, the apps run faster and some of their computational tasks are done faster. All thanks to SoC Broadcom BCM2711 new CPU with processor quad core 1.5 GHz multiply Cortex-A72. Those who use the RPi 4 to play a PlayStation emulator, or use it to run IoT applications that need to handle a lot of data, will see the difference. Also using RPi 4 as a computer, I have not used much before, so I do not know the difference. Do I use the command line and run Docker container? : D

In the old days, I used the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B without the Wi-Fi 5GHz and didn't support the new Wi-Fi ac standard, nor did it have Bluetooth 5. Currently the Raspberry Pi 4 has all these connections, you If you need it, you can use it. Most likely, you can use RPi to stream videos to the TV, because the Wi-Fi ac connection is faster than the old Wi-Fi n when running on the local network. As for Internet speed, you won't see any difference from Rpi 3.

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I bought a 4GB RAM version, I actually missed the highest configuration, but I didn't know what to do with 4GB, especially when I didn't use RPi as a computer, I only implemented some IoT solutions never mind. RPi brothers like mini PCs may prefer this 4GB case because the software runs better in parallel and both the Raspbian operating system and applications will work faster. You will see this difference when using Chromium browser installed on RPi 4.

For the time being, this kid is fine, let me use more and have something good, or have any interesting application for this tiny computer, I'll share it with you.

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Duy Luân

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