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On Nike Sport Loop: The best Apple Watch strap for sports

Nike Sport Loop is a strap for Apple Watch. After a while wearing the Apple Watch and using a lot of different bands, I rate this as the best Apple Watch strap for sports players.

Nike Sport Loop has the same design language as the Milanese Loop and Leather Loop, but only costs one third. This design language is extremely smart, it helps users to adjust the strap size quickly and unrestricted like hiccup lock.

The Nike Sport Loop wire body is machined by weaving multiple nylon fabrics in a tiny tube shape. This perfect way both helps the cord lock of the wire can stick to any position of the wire and create a smooth and soft wire.

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A special feature on the Nike Sport Loop version compared to the normal Sport Loop version is the wire body core made of a reflective piece. Under low light conditions and with illuminated lights, the Nike Sport Loop strap will reflect light to alert traffic. This will increase safety for users to exercise early in the morning and in the evening.

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Unlike the Milanese Loop and Leather Loop, which uses a magnet lock mechanism, Sport Loop uses the same locking mechanism as on the velcro fibers but is much softer and smoother. The unlocking operation of the Sport Loop wire is very quick and friendly.

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Thanks to the design, there are many small woven nylon yarns that the Nike Sport Loop wire drains very quickly and is also very fast drying. Users can comfortably wear this line to swim, play sports as well as washing and cleaning without fear of damaging the cord.

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  • Smart design language, can be infinitely adjustable to fit a variety of wrist sizes as well as different wearing situations.
  • The feeling of wearing is very smooth and soft
  • Reflective features to increase safety for sports people
  • Quick drainage and quick drying


  • Price is quite high, $ 49
  • Operation on the charging dock is not friendly

At the time of launch, the Sport Loop strands of this Nike version are so tight that users have to wait 3 – 6 weeks to get it. Which strap do you use the Apple Watch with and which is the best? Please share it under comment.

Trần Hoàng Long.

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