On MSI GE65 and the trend of integrated Core i9, 240 Hz screen in mid-range gaming laptop

On MSI GE65 and the trend of integrated Core i9, 240 Hz screen in mid-range gaming laptop

MSI GE65 is one of the representative for the trend of integrating powerful configuration into mid-range gaming laptops. Prominent is the appearance of Core i9 processor options, RTX 2070 graphics cards and screen frequencies up to 240 Hz. In fact, today's mid-range gaming laptops are not just a shortened version of the high-end series, but it offers a completely different experience for gamers.

MSI GE65 – Bringing Core i9 and 240 Hz screen to mid-end segment

If you were only able to find Core i9 processors in high-end laptops last year, at Computex 2019, a lot of gaming laptop vendors took it to the mid-end segment. MSI GE65 represents this trend, bringing the power of Core i9-9880H processor to gamers.


With the 9th-generation Core i9 processor, Intel has made some architectural changes to solve the temperature problem that has caused many of their partners to face many difficulties. Specifically, if Core i9-8950HK uses 6-core / 12-thread setup with clock speed from 2.9 – 4.8 GHz (4.3 GHz for all 6 cores), Core i9-9880H uses 8-core setting / 12 streams with 2.3 – 4.8 Ghz clock (4.1 Ghz with 8 cores). This improves performance depending on the task, but the most important is the better control temperature, allowing the Core i9 to be brought into the thin and light mid-range models.


One of the new standards for mid-range gaming laptops is the 240 Hz frequency screen. MSI GE65 is equipped with FullHD IPS-level base plate with sweep frequency up to 240 Hz, the fastest at the present time. Of course, to get the most out of it, we need to have a strong enough configuration, and that's when Intel Core i9-9980H and Nvidia RTX 2070 combos come into play.


In terms of pure performance, the GE65 RTX 2070 is even more powerful than the GTX 1080 on the top lines last year. This allows gamers to achieve 240 fps to take full advantage of the 240 Hz screen for some games like Dota 2, CSGO, etc. Meanwhile, features like ray tracing, DLSS (using AI to enhance image quality) features of RTX cards will help graphics new generation games (Battlefield 5, Anthem, Metro: Exodus, …) become more realistic.


In addition to configuration and feature enhancements, the GE65 Raider is essentially an attractive mid-range gaming laptop inherited by its predecessor, the GE63 Raider, well balanced between performance and portability. You still have very unique features of MSI gaming laptops such as the 5-bit cooler but efficient CoolerBoost cooling system, which is inspired by a cool but cool racing car as well as a SteelSeries keyboard with RGB LED system for each key. Currently, there is no official price or selling date in Vietnam for MSI GE65.




In fact, the mid-range gaming laptop segment in the last few years has become very interesting. The MSI G65 products are not just a shortened version with a lower configuration (for example, compared to GT76 Titan), which actually gives a completely different experience for gamers. This is also the segment where companies offer interesting tests such as bringing high-performance Core i9 into compact laptop body, pushing the screen scanning frequency to 240 Hz or changing design language (racing style is possible). MSI launched on GE before putting it on GT) … Basically, this is a good thing for gamers, although admittedly the price of "mid-range" laptops is increasing. It's like a gas price.

MSI GP65 / 75 – Bringing the 144 Hz screen to the standard for intermediate gaming laptops

Besides GE series, MSI also unveiled another mid-range gaming laptop line at Computex 2019, GP series with 2 versions: GP65 (15.6 inch) and GP75 (17.3 inch). This is basically a mid-year upgrade of the GP series, giving gamers the option of the 9th-generation Core i7 processor and RTX 2060 graphics card and 144 Hz screen. If the GE65 Raider is for you who like to experience the latest technologies, GP65 and GP75 are a safer choice with enough configuration and features, the price is also expected to be more accessible.








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