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On Microsoft Azure platform, users are exploiting Linux more than Windows!

A Microsoft engineer revealed on Microsoft Azure cloud platform that people are using the open source Linux operating system more than Windows. In fact, Microsoft has known about the rate of using Linux on Azure in recent years, but now, Linux is showing the main platform exploited on Microsoft's cloud computing service. But does Microsoft have concerns?

During Steve Ballmer's time as CEO, he saw Linux as a cancer and saw this platform as one of Windows' biggest threats. But under Satya Nadella, Microsoft has changed comprehensively and one of Satya's first claims as CEO is "Microsoft loves Linux" with a promise to support the operating system. In addition, Microsoft even participated in the Linux Foundation – a Linux support association in 2016.

In April 2018, Microsoft announced it would develop a separate Linux version when introducing Azure Sphere for Internet-connected devices and devices. By May, Microsoft started integrating all Linux kernels into Windows 10.

Although Linux is hardly a replacement for Windows in the mainstream computer market, in the field of data centers and servers, Linux is the dominant standard and the driving force for the modern Internet world. This is also the reason why Microsoft wants to support Linux, thereby attracting both developers and users.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service that helps users mainly application developers and IT professionals build, test, deploy and manage applications and other services. Azure provides solutions such as software as a service (Software as a service – SaaS), the foundation is a service (Platform as a service – PaaS) and infrastructure is a service (Infrastructure as a service – IaaS) ), supports many programming languages, tools and development frameworks including Microsoft and 3rd party applications.

Basically, Azure is a virtualization solution in which Hyperviser technology will simulate all the functions of a real computer, thereby allowing users to run multiple virtual machines at the same time and each virtual machine can run compatible operating systems like Windows or Linux. Instead of running boarding on a PC or laptop, Azure is a cloud-based solution, Hyperviser located in Microsoft's data center system scattered across the world, in server rack. A typical Azure application that you can see recently is that Sony and Microsoft are cooperating to develop remote gaming (stream game or cloud gaming), we do not need to buy a computer with strong hardware to Playing games instead, the game is processed and graphics from Microsoft servers, this is done based on the Azure platform.


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