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On iPod touch 2019: the cheapest iOS experience

iPod touch 2019 is the simplest device at the best price he can own to experience Apple's iOS ecosystem. I thought that Apple had dropped the iPod line and didn't renew it, didn't think that they still made it debut in 2019 integrating the A10 processor chip like on iPhone 7.

Basically, Apple still packs iPod touch 2019 with no change from the box design of many years ago. In the case of manual manual, USB-A head lightning cable, earbuds with standard 3.5mm cord. The machine is still packed in transparent plastic box with screen protector with the main interface of iOS.

The feeling of holding the iPod touch 2019 is still very light, thin and compact. Apple made an entire piece of aluminum, then they stamped the frame onto the front glass, as well as the cut diamond cut near the edge of the screen protector. So the grip feels like holding a seamless aluminum block. I chose to buy the green version because it is outstanding and easy to choose compared to the other colors, there is a pink version that is afraid to reveal gender:

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Inside the new hardware, the new Apple A10 processor chip used on the iPhone 7 compared to the previous generation uses the A8 chip, thus increasing the performance of the machine. The device is preinstalled with the latest iOS 12.3 operating system when released.

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The front design of the phone still includes a home button, no touch ID, a 4 ”screen with a thick top and bottom similar to the design that Apple has applied for iPod touch ever, right away. iPhone also comes to iPhone version 8.

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Screen display quality is basically not as brilliant as the recent high-end iPhone models. The front camera of the phone has a 1.2 MP image resolution with 720p video for easy calling FaceTime, video call. The basic keys of the device such as increase or decrease the volume, the power key is still in the familiar position.

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At the bottom of the machine is the location of the voice speaker, lightning connection port and especially the 3.5mm headphone connection port. This is one of the important factors because the iPod touch as well as the iPod are generally born to serve the needs of dedicated music. With the iPod touch line equipped with touch screen and iOS operating system, you can play more games, install applications … of course listening to music will still be the main feature of the device. In detail about the audio experience, Tinh Te's audio team will send you a review later.

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The back of the device has an 8 MP f / 2.4 camera that still has autofocus, 5-layer lens, bright LED support but no optical stabilization.

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With iOS 12.3 operating system, Apple also preinstalled some applications on iPod touch 2019 when sold but the office applications Pages, Numbers, Keynote, or movie making applications such as Clips, iMovies … Apple Music are still available. But other streaming music applications need to be installed.

As can be seen, the iPod touch still carries the mission of being a new buying device with the best price for easy iOS experience. Or if you are fathers and mothers who want to buy a handheld entertainment device for your child, you can still talk, call video calls over Wi-Fi, use learning-related applications. In addition, it is also a suitable device for brothers who like to listen to music without having to buy more smartphones.

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