On hands Sony Alpha 1: very compact, very powerful

The USB-C port can accept PD-compliant charging and charge even during shooting or shooting. So you can completely use the portable batteries or chargers of other devices such as iPhone, MacBook to charge the Alpha 1.

Sony also equipped a hard plastic lid with rubber bands. According to my long-term experience using the machine, this lid will not be deformed so it will still cover the gate and still aesthetically. Many machines with a cover made of soft rubber will not be able to close the lid for a while because the rubber is stretched.

Shoot very fast at 30fps at 50Mp resolution:

I used many fast cameras before, but with the 30fps continuous camera, the experience is really different. And even worse, it shoots at 50Mp. Behind the lens is a very powerful technology system that handles the transmission of information from the sensor to the memory.

With 30fps, you can almost shoot continuously and then merge it into more than 8K movies with really terrible quality. That is how I describe it so you can understand how terrible it is to shoot at 30fps continuously. In fact, the camera has 8K 30fps video recording mode, so you don’t need to do that when.

This snapshot is for sports shooting brothers, motion pictures. For example, when you shoot a bull race where the brothers pull 30fps, the chances of having a good moment are more likely than you to take less pictures in the same amount of time.

The grip is full of hands, sturdy:

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In the compact machines I hold through, the Alpha 1 feels a solid and outstanding grip, you will be very confident when you work and move.


The screen rotates in one axis, cannot be rotated forward or completely flipped to the side. The pro line, I think it should only stop at this position.


Charge from portable battery.


Charge while recording movies.


Plug the camera directly into the iPad or computer via the USB-C port. No need to use a card reader anymore because this port is now very high speed.


Memory card slot.


The shutter speed is very high, so capturing the moment can be very helpful. If taken as droptest that often makes, it will be very delicious.


Still using the FZ100 battery and taking a long time to run out of battery. With the new device and old battery, I cannot measure how many panels.


50 MP Exmor RS sensor and BIONZ XR processor thanks to this duo, so they can shoot quickly.


I also tried the 35mm f1.4 GM tube. Very compact and delicious. Can see this is the best duo for brothers who are fans of Sony or fans of photography technology. Whenever I free, I will share more about this lens later.


My 2018 iPad started to lag slightly when processing Lightroom images from the Sony Alpha 1. Maybe it’s time for Apple to release a new iPad.


Try the speed of the lights in the studio. There will be a separate post about the specials of the Sony Alpha 1 later.

New Sony Alpha 1 launched before Tet with the price of 6500 USD. You can review information about it here:

Sony Alpha 1 launch: twice as powerful as ⍺9 II, 50 MP, 8K dial: price $ 6,500 | Exquisite

Sony has introduced their top-of-the-line mirrorless model as the ⍺1 following a new ⍺9 II that’s been out for just over a year. It can be summarized that the parameter of ⍺1 lies in its own design from ⍺9 II …

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