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On hand Yale locks support fingerprints, magnetic cards, mechanical keys, Bluetooth, many safety functions

Today I have the opportunity to have one of Yale's smart locks, it has the code YDM7116, which supports nearly every unlock function you expect in a modern lock: fingerprint, passcode, magnetic card, manage from the phone app, and of course there's the key in case of uncertainty. The design of this drive is quite simple, follows the style of the lever you like, and there are many games to increase safety. The price of the black YDM7116 version is VND 14,168 million, and it is sold in Vietnam so it should take care of warranty cases.

Talking about the ability to unlock fingerprints, this is what I care about most because it helps you to access the house a lot more convenient. When you use a card or use a key, it's likely to be forgotten, but fingerprints will be forgotten, the probability of you being locked out is much lower.

The fingerprint sensor on the YDM7116 is the type to be scanned from top to bottom, not the capacitive sensor that can read the full fingerprint like on a phone. You have to pull the lever up and then swipe down, I think Yale can remove the switch to cover this sensor for convenience, without having to do one more operation. In terms of sensitivity and accuracy, it is on a par with the Xiaomi OJJ X1 laptop that I'm using at home, sweep it in. You can watch the video to see more clearly.

You will activate the fingerprint registration right from this lock with a row of buttons on the inside of the door, no need to use the app. If you are afraid of someone taking advantage of your fingerprints, you can switch to the advanced mode (master code) of the lock and register via the app. With each registered fingerprint, you can enter the person's name to know who came out and when. This history can then be viewed again from Yale's app.

About the function of unlocking by password, magnetic card (can be used with car card, apartment lift card), and mechanical key is quite basic then there is not much to say. The good thing is that you can enter the passcode in the form of wrong code + real code, or real code + wrong code in the same number. Whichever way you enter it, as long as you have the correct passcode, the door will open, avoiding prying around.

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Well, Yale YDM7116 supports one-time passcode (OTP) generation, which is convenient in case you need to let the technician or apartment technician check in your house and you're busy and you can't stay at home to pick them up. This code once used will expire, cannot be used anymore. You also do not have to share your master password.

What I find this Yale drive is more prominent than other smart locks in its security function. Some impressive things are as follows:

The lock prevents the outside from opening the door: This is like a second safety lock, once you've reached the inside of the house then slide the latch out so the outside won't open. Only when they have a mechanical key can they open it.

The inside lock does not open: When you have gone out, you can activate this function, if opened from the inside, the siren will sound. This is a form of burglary if a burglar accidentally escapes a balcony or some other way into your home.

Self-locking 3 minutes when wrong opening 5 times: This is easy to understand, hen.

Safety latch: this is different from many common door locks, you have to press the latch and slide the handle to open the door. This is to prevent naughty children accidentally brushing the door open, or the thief with a hand flow, the stick to slide the handle to keep the door open. If you don't like using this security function, you can disable it with a hexagonal snail opener (included in the box). But I do not recommend this, this function is very good, should use.

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This Yale YDM7116 drive uses 4 small AA batteries mounted on the back of the lock. In case the battery runs out, you can buy a 9V square battery and attach it to the front of the lock, it can still run as usual, full of functions. The Xiaomi drive I am using has a microUSB port for emergency power supply, not a battery like this. The 9V battery is also easy to buy so it's not a problem.

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YDM7116 can be fitted into wooden doors with thickness from 40mm to 80mm, Yale will have professional locksmiths come to remove old locks and install new locks for you, no worries, they will also make additional holes to fit. or insert more pieces of wood to cover the hole if the old drive is too long. And you do not need to care about which direction your door, Yale's handle can be changed left and right.

To manage the lock, you can use the Yale app installed on the phone, it will communicate Bluetooth with the lock to remotely unlock, display the status, review the history of entry and exit. If you want to remotely control, for example, if you business Airbnb and want to open the door for guests from afar, then you have to buy an additional Yale Link Bridge, thanks to this department, the lock can bring data to and from the Internet. It's like Xiaomi's Bluetooth Gateway. This department is sold separately, without a lock attached.

And also for the first time I see a smart lock that can change the connection module. Included with the lock is a Bluetooth module, but you can remove it and replace it with a ZigBee module or some other short-range connection in the future. This Yale lock can now be used with Lumi's smart home ecosystem, Control 4 and then you will need the ZigBee or Z-Wave module for this.

Unfortunately, it does not support Google Home like the Yale Living series, so you cannot control or receive lock notifications from the Google Home app. Yale has a Yale Living series of phones sold in the US that can be used with Google Home, so they can bring it back to Vietnam soon.

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Basically, the Yale drive gives you genuine warranty, peace of mind thanks to the name of Yale. The Yale drive is obviously not cheap, but its safety features are more reliable than other Chinese brands like the Xiaomi I use. This Yale drive is currently available at e-commerce websites, or you can visit Yale's showroom on Dien Bien Phu Street, Ho Chi Minh City to see.

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