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On hand Webvision Smart Cup Holder: 2-in-1 cup for car heating – VnReview

Webvison Smartcup Holder is a 2-in-1 cup, capable of warming or cooling canned drinks, warming tea or milk for children.

This product can be used on cars and on desks. Webvison Smartcup Holder is currently distributed by Camera Class Company in Vietnam at a price of 1.29 million, 12 months genuine warranty.

Open box and design

In addition to the cup for heating, inside the case of the product, there are accessories including stainless steel 304 water bottle, 2 power adapters, user manual in Vietnamese, genuine warranty card and a stand for inventory. High cup bottom.

This product is equipped with 2 chargers by the manufacturer, one uses 12V power port on the car and one uses normal power to use the cup on the desk.

The base can be mounted on the bottom of the cup for better heat dissipation, which helps to cool and heat effectively. Webvision heat-generating IC Smart Cup Holder operates on a semiconductor principle, so when we use the heating mode, the radiator fan of the cup will blow out cold air, when cooling, the cup will blow out hot air.

Inox bottle accessories are provided with efficient thermal conductivity, cooling or hot water faster.

The cup has a slightly smaller design than a regular cup.

The inner area of ​​the cup is more than 70mm in diameter, suitable for most popular water cans today. The cup is designed with 2 heat wheels to increase the temperature faster. A heat tray at the bottom and a heat tray on the surrounding rim, like the inside of an electric rice cooker.

The top has two simple control buttons, including the hot and cold mode buttons. When you click on any button the color of the signal light will appear accordingly, red is the hot mode and blue is the cold mode.

Experience real use

The cup is very simple to use, just plug in the power and press the heating or cooling button according to your needs. It has an active status indicator light: blue is the cup in cooling mode and red is the heating mode.

Actual testing of VnReview, the cup reaches the maximum water temperature measured is nearly 55 degrees C after about 1.5 to 3 minutes of operation depending on the ambient temperature. At this time the temperature at the tray is nearly 67 degrees Celsius.

In cold mode, the water drops to 5 degrees C after about 3-5 minutes depending on the ambient temperature. The temperature measured at this temperature is -4 degrees Celsius. It can be seen that within a relatively short time, Webvision Smartcup Holder can immediately provide a glass of warm water or cool water.

In addition to water and canned drinks, you can also use it to warm / keep your baby warm in the car.

Not only used in cars, the product can be used to cool or warm the water in the office thanks to the second adapter that comes with normal power.


This is a very interesting and useful accessory for users who need to drink hot / cold water both in cars and offices, can be used year round for both hot and cold seasons. In particular, this product can also warm milk so it is convenient for families with young children to go away sometimes by car.


+) Built-in 2 heating and cooling features

+) Compact design, easy to carry and easy to use

+) Suitable for most popular water cans


-) When using, there will be a radiator fan noise (negligible noise)

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