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On hand Tokina FIRIN lens 100mm f / 2.8 FE macro for camera mirrorless fullframe Sony E

Today, I have the opportunity to hand on the 100mm f / 2.8 FE Firin lens for Sony E series of mirrorless cameras that the company announced Tokina 2 months ago. This is the first lens in Vietnam newly imported by TI-Xi-Ai.

Quick hand video FIRIN 100mm f / 2.8 FE macro lens for Sony E

The 100m f / 2.8 FE Tokina Firin lens on hand today is a commercial version, so there is a full set of books, accessories and warranty cards for the distributor. When opening the box, the first feeling of the 100mm f / 2.8 FE Firin pile is simple and uniform from design to color. On the body of the lens, there is the main name of the lens located in the center of the lens body. The opposite side behind the name is simply the parameter of the 55 filter diameter. Paint color on black whole body combined with 2 rubber rings forming a solid look. The upper rubber ring is used to focus when using manual focus mode, which is twice as wide as the lower rubber ring – this is a rubber ring that prevents slip during use. Below is the name of Tokina and this lens is Japanese.

The name of the lens is placed in the center of the lens body to create an attractive grip

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The name of the Tokina line and the place of production are painted submerged above the tail of the lens

The lens does not have a ring, so it is fully adjustable on the camera body in both AF and MF modes. The lens also does not have the AF-MF switch design, so this switch must also be performed on the camera body. Focus ring only works in MF shooting mode only. At the top of the lens there is a scale of magnification proportional to the distance of the subject focusing.

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100mm f / 2.8 FE firin lens mounted on Sony 6400 body

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On the body of the tube has a scale of magnification corresponding to the focusing distance

In terms of optics, Tokina has used multi-layer coating technology on 9 layers of glass, incorporating 8 groups to give natural colors, perfect chromatic aberration control, reduce glare and gloss effect. ghost. The 9-blade lens produces smooth, natural bokeh right after shooting at a small aperture of f / 8. On the tail of the lens are electronic contacts and the serial number of the lens when sold on the market.

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The lens has 9 aperture blades

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Multi-layer coating technology on each lens gives a clear image

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Electronic contacts and serial numbers of lenses are designed on the tail ring

Since there is no Sony mirrorless fullframe body, I temporarily mount the lens on the Sony A6400 to try out the features and try it out. If using the AF shooting mode, the lens shifting lenses and resizing make a loud sound. Because I only have 1 lens, I cannot compare it because I have a lens or its structure to make such sound. When using MF shooting mode, the sound is no longer available. Most people who love macro mode use MF mode when working, so they will not care about the sound when shooting in AF mode.
Accessories included with the FIRIN macro lens 100mm f / 2.8 FE include: Front cable, rear cable, hood BH-553, slim guide set in a cardboard box with the manufacturer's name, lens name and 1 Certified stamps of TI-XI-AI distributor. These are some of the snapshots I have taken with the FIRIN 100mm f / 2.8 FE Macro lens. (I do not specialize in macro photos, so these images are experimental for the functions and functions of the lens only.) Some comments when on the macro lens 100mm f / 2.8 FE

  • The lens has a simple, uniform design but looks solid.
  • There is no password ring, AF-MF switch button so all must be adjusted on the camera body
  • The focus ring is wide so it's easy to focus when shooting in MF mode
  • There is a non-slip rubber ring that feels sturdy when held.
  • Good image quality, sharp and true color
  • Can be used for portrait photography.
  • Slightly puffed AF mode, Switch to shooting in MF mode no longer sounds.

Thank you TI-XI-AI for helping us with the 100mm f / 2.8 FE macro lens for this MRL FF Sony E.

Thank you for watching.

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