On hand the cheapest 4G package in Vietnam from a brand new network - VnReview

On hand the cheapest 4G package in Vietnam from a brand new network – VnReview

If you are looking for a cheap package to use the 4G network every day at a fairly comfortable level, then Reddi 055 is the best price package today, counting only carriers with nationwide coverage.

Reddi 055 is a package of virtual network Reddi. This is the second virtual mobile operator in Vietnam and the 7th mobile operator in the market.

A virtual mobile network is a unit that does not own the infrastructure but provides telecommunications services by buying traffic wholesale from the unit with the infrastructure and retailing to users. Currently, Reddi network operator operates on the physical network infrastructure of VNPT corporation and uses the prefix 055.

Reddi is a virtual mobile network operator based on VNPT’s network infrastructure.

Reddi 055 package is currently distributed by this virtual mobile operator directly through the phone shops of Hoang Ha Mobile. The price of Reddi 055 package with SIM is 100,000 VND (including roaming fee and first month fee), then the monthly usage fee is 75,000 VND. Users of this package will receive 3GB of data per day and free on-net calls/messages. The days that do not use up the data capacity will be accumulated to the next day up to a maximum of 300MB/day.

Installation instructions are on the SIM box that comes with the package.

After purchasing the Reddi 055 package with SIM, users need to download the Reddi application available on the Google Play Store app store for Android phones and the App Store for iPhone. The installation process is quite simple and detailed instructions on the SIM envelope included with the package. Note that during the installation of the application, Reddit will require a national ID card to authenticate personal information. After installing, users can actively use many SIM utilities such as monitoring data usage, money advance, money transfer, one- and two-way blocking… right on the application.

With 3GB of data per day, the Redmi 055 package offers the same data capacity as packages at prices 1.5 to 2 times higher than other carriers. Using VNPT’s physical network infrastructure, based on theory, the quality and coverage of Redi is similar to that of VinaPhone.

To measure the 4G network speed of the Redmi 055 package, we use 3 measuring tools including Speedtest (Ookla), Fast Speed ​​Test (Netflix) and iSpeed ​​(Vietnam Internet Center – VNNIC). In particular, Speedtest is the most popular network speed measurement tool in the world today, can choose many servers to measure domestic or international bandwidth. The Fast Speed ​​Test is used to measure international bandwidth because it connects to Netflix’s servers. The iSpeed ​​application is specialized in measuring domestic bandwidth because it only connects to servers in Vietnam.

Measurement results in some areas in Hanoi show that the network speed of the Reddi 055 package fluctuates between regions, but all reach a level that ensures stable satisfaction of daily use needs such as surfing the web, watching videos, etc. movies or games. Download speed in some locations reached 130 Mbps and the lowest measurement location also reached more than 35 Mbps. In the upload direction (upload), the speed is quite stable between regions, ranging from 30-40 Mbps.

On the SpeedTest application, the download and upload speeds reached 130 Mbps and 41.2 Mbps respectively when measured in Xuan Phuong in Yugoslavia District, Hanoi.

In the same measurement position above, the upload and download speeds of the Redmi 055 package using the iSpeed ​​application are nearly identical to the measured results on SpeedTest.

On Netflix’s Fast app, the speed reached a very high level of 83 Mbps. Note, Netflix’s recommended speed for watching 4K resolution movies is 25 Mbps.

In actual use in some areas in the Hanoi area, the network quality of Redi 055 well meets the needs of watching movies, playing games and surfing the web. When watching movies on YouTube, turning on 1080p and 4K quality, the video is still smooth, fast forward without having to wait for download. Viewing new Facebook messages and feeds also goes smoothly.

We also tried some download and upload tasks and found them to be quite fast. Specifically, with the 662MB PUBG Mobile game, the download time is 2 minutes 20 seconds; and the download time of the game Lien Lien Mobile (397MB) is 1 minute 18 seconds. When pushing 100 photos taken from the phone with a capacity of about 600MB to Google Drive, the upload time was almost 10 minutes.

In general, for VND 75,000 per month and with 3GB of high-speed data per day, Reddi 055 is an attractive package on the market today, 50% cheaper than packages with similar daily data capacity. of other networks. Stable network quality and wide coverage thanks to VNPT’s network infrastructure are also an advantage.


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