On hand Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite: 8.7″ screen, thin border, dual speakers, support for calls

The device still maintains a thickness of 8 mm, a moderate size that helps the machine hold a mass of 371 g for easy holding with one hand. The edges of the device are moderately rounded but do not feel too tight in the hand. In some situations, the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite can still lie in the middle of the palm.


Regarding the screen, Galaxy Tab A7 Lite increases the size to 8.7 “with a change of 5:3 (or 15:9), resulting in an expanded resolution of 1,340 x 800 pixels. The two sides of the width help the machine have a display ratio for the front of about 81%.


Samsung designed the speaker to be located close to the edge of the edge of the device to help the glass surface become flat. This design is commonly found on its current smartphone lines with thin bezels.


The machine is equipped with dual speakers to help enjoy the sound for watching movies and TV more vividly. The sound on the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite also supports Dolby Atmos standard emulation.

. (Trung Dt)

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