On hand Samsung 8ED QLED TV: impressive about color reproduction and viewing angle - VnReview

On hand Samsung 8ED QLED TV: impressive about color reproduction and viewing angle – VnReview

Not the resolution, the image quality and the new viewing angle are impressive at Samsung's first 8K TV.

Samsung is the first gun manufacturer to market on the 8K TV market with the Q900R product line. This 8K series of Samsung TVs currently has 4 options of sizes 65 inch, 75 inch, 82 inch and 98 inch with listed prices of VND 120 million, VND 200 million, VND 300 million and VND 2.3 billion respectively. The product we experience is the smallest 65-inch model code-named Samsung 65Q900R.

As a premium product, Samsung 65Q900R fully converges Samsung's technologies in the current TV field such as AI 8K processor chip to improve the quality of upscale content upgrade to 8K resolution, Quantum Dot plate. reproduces a wide range of colors and high brightness up to 1500 nit, new backlight management chip to effectively control local dimming, supports multiple HDR formats, new wide-angle technology and variable mode Ambient Mode (Ambient Mode).

Design and software features

Samsung 65Q900R has an eye-catching design. The entire border around the TV is made of metal material. All 4 edges of the TV are very thin, only 1.2cm. The thickness of the TV is also quite thin, about 3.2cm so wall mounting looks like a picture frame, not protruding much.

The product has two metal brackets attached to the TV with screws and screws, supporting the TV to stand still, without being shaken as on some other Samsung TVs using a T-shaped stand.

The back of the TV is flat, with an M-shaped groove to mount the TV on the wall. However, Samsung sells separately for hanging, so if you want to mount this TV on the wall, you spend about 3 million more.

Similar to products in the 4K QLED series, Samsung uses the One Connection box to transmit all the necessary signals including images, audio and power to the 8K TV with just a small cable. This frees the connection ports from the back of the TV and makes the installation of the TV neat, without the usual wires.

The One Connection box provides 4 HDMI ports (including one HDMI 2.1 support port for transferring 8K / 30 fps content to the TV), 3 USB ports, 1 antenna / cable port, 1 Optical port and 1 Ethernet network port.

Similar to other QLED TVs, this is a smart TV that runs Samsung's Tizen operating system with a cool and easy-to-use interface, supports Bixby virtual assistant, is compatible with Google Home and Alexa. You can also use Apple iTunes to watch movies, TV shows and video clips from iOS devices on Samsung's 8K screen 65Q900R.

Samsung 65Q900R supports HDR technology like other 4K QLED TVs. Samsung's HDR TVs currently support HDR 10, HDR 10+ and HLG standards, do not support Dolby Vision.

This TV also has Ambient Mode that turns the TV screen into a vivid picture frame.

The viewing angle is very wide

8K resolution is the most special feature in Samsung 65Q900R but the new viewing angle is really impressive in this product.

Samsung uses a type of base plate called VA on 4K and 8K QLED TVs. For years, VA panels still have the advantage of displaying deep black, high contrast and impressive colors but the viewing angle is very narrow. IPS panels have a wider viewing angle but the blackness and color are worse than VA panels. On 8K TVs and 4K Management, Samsung uses a new class of optical technology called the "Ultra Viewing Angle" (Ultra Viewing Angle), which helps maintain deep black and characteristic colors of VA panels while expand the perspective.

In fact, when looking at the Samsung screen 65Q900R, the blackness and contrast on the screen are almost unchanged compared to looking straight. Colors are slightly changed when viewed at a wide angle but the overall color is maintained.

Upgrade content to 8K resolution: smooth and sharp

4K resolution is now quite popular, but the 8K resolution can be said to be almost zero. No movies, TV shows or multimedia content are available at 8K resolution. Even if there is some original 8K content, transferring that content via TV will be very difficult, requiring high-speed transmission to meet.

Like with 4K TVs, Samsung uses the Quantum Processor 8K processor and AI algorithms to upgrade 4K, Full-HD, HD content and even 480P to 8K resolution. The process of upgrading content on Samsung 65Q900R takes place smoothly and sharp with content from HD or higher. Some TV channels do not offer HD resolution, the display detail is quite clear if viewed at a distance of less than 3 meters, but when sitting at a little distance, the details are still acceptable OK.

In terms of detail, the difference between 8K (33 million pixels) TV and 4K (8 million pixels) at the same 65-inch size is really difficult to recognize at regular viewing distances. We tried to compare Samsung 65Q900R and QLED Q80R (4K, 65 inches) in the same types of content as movies on Netflix, YouTube and HD TV without realizing the significant difference in detail. between two TVs. Perhaps this difference is only seen on TVs of real size as large as 82 inches or 98 inches.

However, when comparing the two models on the TV, the 8K TV reproduces color, blackness and contrast significantly better. Samsung 65Q900R colors are reproduced naturally, in depth. In particular, HDR content sources are very well recreated thanks to high screen brightness and good black control capability. When viewing content with strong contrast, the brightness of the TV will decrease when handling content with high bright areas that appear in the background of good images, not glare around bright objects.

In terms of sound, Samsung 65Q900R has a strong volume, quite large and wide soundstage, enough for the need to watch regular TV. However, the bass band of the TV is a bit weak, so it should be equipped with a speaker system to improve the sound quality for watching movies and listening to music.

General, Samsung 65Q900R is proof that Samsung can improve the inherent weakness of LCD technology, making this type of TV have an impressive blackness and viewing angle. When compared to a new 4K QLED, 8K TV panels are also better, providing natural colors and a markedly deeper depth. However, the 8K resolution did not differ significantly. Therefore, it can be said that the much higher price of Samsung 4K model 65Q900R now mainly comes from improving the quality of the panel, not the 8K resolution.


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