On hand positioning clock Abardeen V3: 4G video call, child supervision, waterproof IP67 - VnReview

On hand positioning clock Abardeen V3: 4G video call, child supervision, waterproof IP67 – VnReview

Smart watches used to communicate and monitor children are now quite active market segments.

Not long ago, VnReview had articles on the Digiwatch DW07 watch with SIM tray with 4G support for listening and voice messaging and GPS positioning function to monitor children. The product in today's experience with the code name Abardeen V3 has the same functions but there are a few more improvements not seen on smart watches for children. The product is currently priced at VND4.3 million, with a 12-month genuine warranty through Digiwatch distributor.

Open box and design

Inside the watch box Abardeen V3 has an accessory kit that includes Micro USB charging cable, instruction manual and a screen sticker located at the bottom. The watch has been pre-installed with a screen sticker by the manufacturer.

Abardeen V3 has 3 colors for parents to choose from including pink, turquoise and black.

The front of the watch is a 1.4 inch touch screen with 320 x 320 pixel resolution.

Above the screen is a 3MP resolution camera that enables parents to make video calls with their children, or take pictures of children from afar to know where they are and what to do. However, the image quality is temporary and not too sharp as on smartphones.

The right side is the location of the power button, SOS emergency button and Micro USB charging port.

The charging port has a cover with waterproof rubber gasket. In particular, this port is very tightly closed to prevent the child from accidentally picking up water that can get inside.

The manufacturer's standard Nano SIM tray is placed on the top edge of the back of the strap. According to the manufacturer, such SIM tray placement is intended to prevent children from accidentally removing it.

The watch's speakers are placed on the bottom edge, making the sound normal, not covered by the wrist like watches with speakers on the back.

The whole body of the watch is made of plastic material with very light weight. The silicon strap has a comfortable wearing feel and there are levels to suit children with small wrists.

The wire holder also has a small tab to insert into the hole of the strap, which prevents it from sliding up and down.

The back of the watch has the product name and id, Abardeen V3 is made in China

Experience the features

Abardeen V3 connects to the smartphone via the Kid Mate application which is available on the iOS and Android app stores. Users simply download the application and register an account and then enter the product IMEI to connect. The clock and app will be connected to each other via 4G Internet connection so you can easily manage remote children monitoring.

The application's main control interface displays key features of the field such as location tracking, phone call, remote audio monitoring, remote video recording, video calling, viewing of contacts, sending audio messages, manage your child's school time, count the number of steps …

In particular, the three main features of the clock that parents will use regularly are: location monitoring, listening to voice message calls and remote monitoring features.

With location tracking, Abardeen V3 watches are equipped with positioning technology that combines positioning from mobile wave stations (Cell-ID LBS), Wi-Fi hot spots and GPS, Glonass and Beidou. . This is a 5-stage positioning technology that improves positioning accuracy even when children are indoors. In addition, the watch also allows users to set up a safe zone for children. When the device moves out of the safe zone, you will be notified of the application on the phone immediately. The point is quite unfortunate that currently the application does not support Vietnamese interface but only supports English.

The watch is also equipped with a microphone and external speakers to make and receive calls like a regular phone. Actual testing, the device's speakers are of good quality, loud and clear sound and can even adjust the volume level for speakers.

The clock can save contacts up to 60 phone numbers, enough to contain family members' contacts with children to contact when needed. When there is an emergency, the child can press the SOS button for 3 seconds to automatically contact the phone number set up. In this function, parents need to guide them on how to use them.

Once you know where your child is through the location feature, the remote monitoring features will be an effective complementary tool to help you know who your child is doing in contact with who … Thanks to the microphone and Camera, Abardeen V3 can help you hear the sound and see the image where the baby is present to supervise the children.

It supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE 4G connections. With 4G connectivity, the real test showed the video calling quality as well as sending audio images from the device to the Kid Mate software on the phone very quickly.

Kid Mate application on the phone also allows family members to simultaneously monitor children. Both parents, grandparents or siblings can install the application and add children to follow along.

In addition, this watch also has a feature that is usually available on child monitoring watches: it is not possible to turn off the clock manually. This is a feature that prevents the child from accidentally turning off the brass or the stranger approaching to turn off the watch. To turn off this watch, you can only turn off the control software on your phone.

In addition to the aforementioned features, the product also has a number of other features such as counting steps, distance traveled and estimating calories consumed, managing children's school time, setting alarms and modes. in the class. Abardeen V3 is equipped with a no-noise vibration function when children are in class and the dust resistance is IP67.

In terms of battery life, this watch is equipped with a 630mAh capacity battery. During the actual experience, the clock can last for about 4 days of continuous use, the battery runs out. The full charge of the watch battery lasts about 1.5 hours.


Abardeen V3 is a quite versatile child monitoring and communication clock and has good call quality, loud speakers are no less than regular phones. The watch is IP67 waterproof, supports high-speed 4G connectivity and has a full range of child monitoring functions through a combination of multiple layers of positioning to improve positioning when children are in home with the support of microphone and camera. Battery life is quite long, enough for 4 consecutive days. However, the price of VND 4.3 million is also slightly higher than some competing products on the market.

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