On hand OPPO A15s: 6.52 inch large screen, good configuration, simple design, eye-catching colors, attractive price

On hand OPPO A15s: 6.52 inch large screen, good configuration, simple design, eye-catching colors, attractive price

You know what? OPPO has released another cheap smartphone! And that is OPPO A15s with good configuration, long battery life, simple and friendly design. Today’s article I will be on the hands of OPPO A15s for us to explore more.

OPPO A15s has just been launched
OPPO A15s has just launched.

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OPPO A15s with a simple and friendly design

First, I will open the OPPO A15s box first.

The OPPO A15s has just launched
The box is too familiar on OPPO devices.

Open the box, we can see that the device is fully equipped with the necessary accessories such as OPPO A15s, ‘you’ charger, ‘you’ the dear charging cable has not been removed, but there will be no ‘you’. listen.

OPPO A15s after opening the box
OPPO A15s with ‘accomplices’.
Charger of OPPO A15s
Dear charger of OPPO A15s.
Charging cable of OPPO A15s
Dear charging cable of OPPO A15s.

Back to our OPPO A15s, the device has a distinctive design of the low-priced line. But in return I am also attracted by the glossy and prominent blue on the back of OPPO A15s. My first impression when I am in the hands of OPPO A15s is that the device is very light because the overall machine has a plastic frame and back cover, in addition to the rounded corners and back surface that makes me feel comfortable. more roof and more confident, especially not being handcuffed when playing games on a horizontal machine.

Overall design of OPPO A15s
Overall design of OPPO A15s.

Going to the front, we will have a 6.52 inch screen, Full HD + resolution with a teardrop-style selfie camera layout. It can be said that it is quite old, but this does not make the device have more display space, view more content, true colors, suitable for watching movies and playing games.

Front of OPPO A15s with 6.52 inch screen
Front of OPPO A15s with 6.52 inch screen.
Left edge of OPPO A15s
Left edge of OPPO A15s with sim slot and memory card.
Right edge of OPPO A15s
Right edge of OPPO A15s with volume up and down button and power button.
The top edge of OPPO A15s
The top edge of OPPO A15s is completely blank.
Bottom edge of OPPO A15s
The bottom edge of OPPO A15s with speakerphone, speakerphone, 3.5mm headphone jack and micro USB charger.

Next comes the back of OPPO A15s. As I said above, it stands out with eye-catching and glossy colors, but unfortunately this makes OPPO A15s easy to stick to fingerprints. In addition, OPPO also stands out with a cluster of 3 square cameras located in the left corner of the device. In addition, you can see the fingerprint sensor is placed just below the camera cluster.

The back of OPPO A15s
The back of OPPO A15s with 3 camera cluster and fingerprint sensor.

I quite like the fingerprint sensor placed on the back of OPPO A15s because it is handed and also very easy to manipulate.

Fingerprint sensor on OPPO A15s
Fingerprint sensor on OPPO A15s.

OPPO A15s with 3 cameras for a more enjoyable shooting experience

I mentioned about the triple camera cluster of OPPO A15s on the back! At first I thought that 4 cameras were only 3, I still saw the design of this camera cluster with separate upper and lower parts. As for the camera parameters, the camera on our OPPO A15s will have the following parameters:

  • The main camera has 13 MP resolution, f / 2.2 aperture.
  • Macro camera has 2 MP resolution, f / 2.4 aperture.
  • The camera supports 2 MP depth measurement, f / 2.4 aperture.
Cluster of 3 cameras of OPPO A15s
Cluster of 3 cameras of OPPO A15s.

With a cheap device like the OPPO A15s, the 3-camera setup helps us to have a much more enjoyable and creative shooting experience. In addition, the OPPO A15s also has an AI camera that helps you to produce much better quality pictures.

OPPO A15s has a good configuration with Helio P35 and 4,230 mAh battery

As for the configuration, the OPPO A15s does not have a strong configuration when using the Helio P35 chip. In fact, this chip will barely perform normal tasks such as surfing the web, watching movies, watching YouTube, shopping and being able to play light games like puzzle, Subway Surfer.

Comes with 4GB RAM for you to freely use many tasks in parallel and 64 GB of internal memory enough to store documents, photos and music. If that is not enough, the device supports expansion by external memory card.

OPPO A15s is equipped with Helio P35 chip
OPPO A15s is equipped with Helio P35 chip.

Besides, the device is equipped with a 4,230 mAh capacity battery. In my opinion, this battery will give us the freedom to use the game, plow movies for a long day. Combined with 10 W fast charging to fully charge the OPPO A15s battery in a short time, helping us to quickly use the device to continue the work in progress.


OPPO A15s is a standout machine with a simple but outstanding design with eye-catching, youthful colors and configuration just enough to use and is equipped with a set of 3 cameras for you to spoil your creativity. This is a phone suitable for those who do not need too high a configuration and need a good battery capacity.

What do you think of this OPPO A15s? Please leave your comments in the comments.

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Display: 6.52 “, HD +Chip: MediaTek Helio P35 8 coreRAM: 4 GB, Internal memory: 64 GBRear camera: Main 13 MP & Secondary 2 MP, 2 MPFront camera: 8 MPPin: 4230 mAh

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