On hand Nokia C1 Plus: Smartphone with simple design, big letters, loud speaker, easy to use, suitable for older people from Nokia

On hand Nokia C1 Plus: Smartphone with simple design, big letters, loud speaker, easy to use, suitable for older people from Nokia

If you are looking for your parents or family members a smartphone specifically for the elderly, with basic requirements such as loud speakers, large fonts, simple interface and easy to use, Nokia C1 Plus is a product not to be missed. Today, let’s hold hands with Nokia C1 Plus, the latest C series phone from Nokia to see how the above characteristics will fit.

The article is referenced from the technology site Baijiahao.

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Nokia C1 Plus, compact design and comfortable grip

Compact design is a plus point of Nokia C1 Plus for older users. Source: Baijiahao.

The size of a phone is the first criterion when choosing a smartphone for the elderly. Because for them, a phone with a large screen is a very inconvenient point. Therefore, Nokia C1 Plus is designed to be compact (size 149 x 71 x 8 mm), suitable for daily use.

Nokia C1 Plus uses a relatively good screen in the low-cost segment. Source: Baijiahao.

Nokia C1 Plus is equipped with a screen size of 5.4 inches, HD + resolution is relatively good in the low-cost segment. The phone has a fairly light weight (about 146 g) making it comfortable to use for a long time.

The Nokia logo on the back is still designed like on other Nokia phones. Source: Baijiahao.

The back of the Nokia C1 Plus is finished in plastic plus the compact design makes the phone very comfortable to hold. Owning a plastic back also makes it harder for our phone to stick to sweat and fingerprints, keeping the Nokia C1 Plus always like new.

The top edge of the Nokia C1 Plus is equipped with a headphone jack. Source: Baijiahao.

Nokia C1 Plus is still equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack on the top edge of the device so that it can be used for listening to music or listening to radio waves.

The battery of Nokia C1 Plus is easily removable. Source: Baijiahao.

Nokia C1 Plus owns a 2,500 mAh Li-Ion battery, providing all-day performance with basic tasks. In addition, the battery of the phone is also removable, making it easier to remove and replace the battery.

Nokia C1 Plus supports the use of microSD memory cards. Source: Baijiahao.

Our phone still supports 4G connectivity, allowing users to participate in entertainment utilities such as surfing the web, reading newspapers, watching entertainment videos, … In addition, Nokia C1 Plus also Support for more storage space with an external microSD card to create more space to store your favorite information, photos or apps.

Nokia C1 Plus uses Android Go operating system simple and smooth

Nokia C1 Plus is equipped with Android 10 (Go Edition version) which provides us with high security as well as a smoother experience on a cheap phone.

Nokia C1 Plus uses keyboard shortcuts for some basic applications. Source: Baijiahao.

Our phone is still fully supported with shortcuts (including the power key, the volume up and down key), with some interesting features such as pressing the power key twice to open the camera to scan the QR code to support us. medical declaration quickly in the current epidemic situation. This is also a point that the elderly are quite fond of on a phone because it makes it easier for them to manipulate.

Nokia C1 Plus still has many customization capabilities to suit users. Source: Baijiahao.

In addition, Nokia C1 Plus also has the ability to customize especially for the elderly, designing a simple interface with their daily needs such as calling, flashlight, messaging, .. . help them feel more convenient.

Nokia C1 Plus uses a simple design, easy to operate. Source: Baijiahao.

In addition, our phones also display basic information items (such as time, weather, …) to help older users like our parents easily know.

Nokia C1 Plus is equipped with a configuration suitable for the elderly. Source: Baijiahao.

Nokia C1 Plus is equipped with 1 GB of RAM accompanied by 16 GB of internal memory and uses the gentle Android Go operating system, which optimizes the phone to be able to smoothly use some popular software. The current.


For the elderly, a phone with loud sound, large font size and smooth use is what they want in a smartphone and the Nokia C1 Plus is a worthy phone if you are looking for a smartphone for a loved one such as a parent or an elder in the family. So that they can watch the news, make basic calls or simply have a phone needed when going out.

Nokia C1 Plus is really a phone suitable for the elderly. Source: Baijiahao.

So what do you think about this phone? Does the Nokia C1 Plus fit the needs of your family members? Or comment below to let me know! Thank you for following my post.

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Nokia C1 Plus

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Screen 5.45″, Chip RAM 1 GB, ROM 16 GBCamera or: 5 MPFront camera: 5 MPPin 2500 mAh

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