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On hand, multi-function fast charging ZMI 65W: Compact, many charging ports, suitable laptop, phone

This is a ZMI mobile charger that supports fast charging with high capacity 65W with 3 charging ports compatible with computers, phones and electronics in general. This charger is quite good price, I bought it for 550 thousand and used it compact, less cumbersome, inconvenient to carry many things in my backpack.

ZMI charger has 3 charging ports 1 USB-C, 2 USB -A

You also know that portable chargers are almost exclusively for a certain device. Like owning multiple devices means you have to use a lot of different chargers. Currently I am using and carrying a lot of accessories in my backpack and I want to have a compact charger, after many searches, I also choose the suitable ZMI 65W to remove the low-cost charger at home. :).

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ZMI charger can charge 3 devices too handy, laptop, backup battery, phone

ZMI charger design is quite compact, weighs 150gram, material made from this rechargeable PC plastic has 2 black and white colors using standard US and Japanese pins that can be folded neatly like the charger of the macbook I am using you I often go to work or travel far away, so I use a lot of space for my luggage bag.

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When charging ZMI is charged for devices that will display white LED lights to know the charger is active

Compact ZMI charger but still enough to arrange up to 3 output ports, including 2 USB-A and 1 USB type C ports. According to the manufacturer's information, all 3 output ports on this charger can support fast charging with The specific output current is 45W for USB-C and 20W for 2 USB-A, with a total capacity of up to 65W. (Fast charging feature only supports devices that support fast charging)
During the time I used this ZMI charger to charge the iPhone X with USB-C charging cable to Lightning when the iPhoneX battery left 20%. After a 30-minute charging time from 20% battery is increased to 61%, this shows that the fast-charging ZMI fast charging department increases 40% of the battery in just 30 minutes. However, while charging I have tried to charge the charger, it is quite hot, but I think the manufacturer they have also taken into account these problems if overloading the processing circuit will interrupt the device protection 1 so he should I can rest assured.

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Charger when charging only for macbook led lights on the charger looks very beautiful

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This is the parameter I took the screen when using ZMI charging USB-C port for macbook 13 "to produce 45W capacity

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This is the parameter when I use ZMI charger to charge USB-A to USB-C for macbook is 12W

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– Nice design, compact, light.
– Price is not too high.
– Quick charge at the same time 3 output ports. (Power delivery).
– Foldable charging legs.
– Support charging multiple devices.

– Pretty hot when charging 3 ports at the same time
– USB Type C charging port does not cover metal edges such as charging zin Apple
– Only support fast charging when the device has fast charging feature.

ZMI HA832 charging parameters:
Output port number: 1xUSB type C, 2xUSB-A
– Input: 100-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz.
– Output: USB-C: 5.0V – 3.0A / 9.0V – 3.0A / 12V – 3.0A / 15V – 3.0A / 20V – 2.25A (45W Max)
– USB-A: 5.0V – 3.0A / 9.0V – 2.2A / 12V – 1.7A (1 port)
– 5.0V – 3.6A (2 ports at the same time)
– Size: 66.9 x 61 x 28.4mm
– Material: PC plastic
– Weight: 150g


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