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Following in the footsteps of the SL launched in 2015, Leica has just introduced the second SL with a lot of valuable upgrades and if you want a Leica to be able to do the SL2 is the choice. With the same 47MP sensor as the Q2 but can change the lens and the first machine equipped with Maestro 3 processor, Leica SL2 will sell for 159.9 million for the body only.

The overall design of the SL2 hasn't changed much from the previous generation, we still see a very big and heavy machine. Leica cameras are inherently heavy, but when you hold the SL2 in your hand, it feels heavier, and many lenses are heavier than the body. The monolithic metal frame of the SL2 is made of magnesium and the outside is soft leather cut diagonally, like on the Q2 but it is leather and softer, touching as if rubber. Just like the Leica S that uses a medium format sensor, the SL2 has a Leica logo in the upper part of the logo next to the red logo.

If you pay attention, you will see that the SL2 grip is designed to be indented to increase the ability to hold the camera, especially a heavy machine, which requires a firm grip. The user's three fingers will firmly grip this grip thanks to its concave design, while the thumb rest on the back and forefinger to press the trigger.

SL2 uses EVF OLED with a resolution of over 5 million pixels. The EVF design of the device is also protruding to the back, on which there is also a near-miss ring, I find this is the best design, many other cameras have a ring that is difficult to manipulate even though it is not always held onto us. also use it. Like SL, the button to open the machine is located on the left slightly difficult to handle if holding one hand.

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The Leica SL2 is the first Leica to use the Maestro 3 processor to increase AF, continuous shooting, and 47MP image sensors and ISO range from 50 to 50000 in manual mode (M). The SL2's performance is not inferior to other fullframe mirrorless cameras on the market, which can be used for work and make money. This year, Leica equips it with 5-axis stabilization technology right on the camera body to increase vibration resistance when taking photos or videos. SL2 uses L-mount lenses with hundreds of lenses from Leica and Sigma, Panasonic … or you can also use M-series tubes through an adapter.

The ability to record movies on the SL2 is also notable when it can store 10-bit 4k videos directly on a memory card instead of an external device. SL2 has two SD memory card slots so you can save videos or save images simultaneously on both DNG and JPEG. It has the ability to shoot 5k at 30fps, 4k at 60fps and if it is Full HD, the speed is 180fps. The Multi Shot feature on the SL2 will take 8 shots simultaneously with the movement of the sensor to create a 187MP image, just like the Olympus machine had done earlier.

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One equipment that I find worth on the SL2 is a USB-C connector, next to HDMI and two 3.5mm ports. With this C port, you can not only use it to transfer data, but also charge the device directly instead of having to remove the battery to charge. Many high-end cameras now have this feature, and the SL2 is no exception. The interface system on the rear 3 ”2 screen and the surrounding hard button have been changed from the SL to be easier to use and more familiar with the M, Q. Leica wants the SL2 to be a simple and easy to use machine. . SL2 will be sold genuine in Vietnam for 159.9 million for the body.

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