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On hand, fix the cable to the technology desk's desk

Workbench, especially the desk of technology people, I dare to fish a lot of electronic devices such as laptop, smartphone, Bluetooth speaker, truewireless headset, wireless charging dock … generally ti billion things need must charge, charge, you need a cable, something that does not charge, you must plug in the cord as a wireless charging dock, but there are some devices that share a cable, unlucky, each one has a different cable.

Each time you have to charge, the desk is messy as a jumble with all kinds of charging cables, not to mention when plugging in the power socket at the foot, charging the device on the table, unplugging the cable without noticing the cable being dropped. table, sliding sliding chair easily rolled down the cable. So what is the solution? I would like to introduce a delicious, cheap solution, which is a cable fixing base.

In the box, write the English name as: Desktop Multipurpose Cable Manager Translation is a multi-purpose cable manager on the tabletop . The box says 3 languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, but in general, everyone knows where it comes from, there is also the website, the origin is clear hehe.

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The base has a bar shape, about 9cm long, rounded ends, materials made of silicon, held quite sturdy, squeezed hard but not soft, the upper face of the body has the grooves along the base, and the main point of money This is where the grooves are where we put the cables in, in the middle of each groove there are two thin blades facing in, the purpose is to keep the cable from falling out after being inserted.

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The base of the base has a 3M sticker for fixing to a position on the table. On the package, it is also noted that the cable support is about 5mm, this is the majority of the cables are satisfied, please rest assured. Depending on the type of base, we have different number of grooves, the ones in this hand have 5 slots, holding 5 strands.

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How to use, peel the bottom patch, fix it to the edge of the table or a corner of the table, put all the cables in use, effectively we can see immediately ;)

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Cons: no ;)


  • The desk is more neat and more aesthetic
  • Fix the cable, don't let the soil fall
  • If you need to find a cable, you should see it immediately, without losing or finding wires

I bought this on Lazada for 40k, with the convenience that he brought, I bought it immediately and immediately, you don't need to think, I guarantee.

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