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On hand device of ION alkaline Cleansui electrolysis water filter EU301

With countless water filtration products on the market, it is understandable that you will encounter many difficulties when buying. Today, I will introduce to you the Mitsubishi301301 Alkaline Ion Cleanser of Mitsubishi Group from Japan. The device has the ability to create alkaline water, helping to balance the pH in the body, which is loaded with too much acid, which is quite reasonable price compared to other products on the market.

Product brief

  • Cleansui EU301 provides clean water with different pH levels, can be drunk directly to balance the pH in the body or used for different purposes such as cooking, beverage preparation, etc.
  • The output water molecule is small in size, so the osmosis speed is fast.
  • The device consists of 3 parts: faucet, filter and electrolyte.
  • In particular, the filter and the electrolyte are placed under the kitchen cabinets, only a small faucet is present on the table and all control operations are from the faucet.
  • Cleansui EU301 is a product imported from Japan of Mitsubishi Corporation (Made in Japan).

Parts and settings
Cleansui EU301 consists of 3 parts: faucet, filter and electrolyte. The device is directly connected to the tap water for domestic use.

You can see, all that is present on the surface of the sink is just a set of compact taps like the picture. Filter and electrolyte are arranged neatly under kitchen cabinets. The faucet set has an additional lever so that you can adjust the amount of water accordingly, and thus make sure the water down the filter is always at a reasonable pressure.

The main hose is the big tap, the discharge hose is the small tap. The main faucet will produce water with a different pH level corresponding to the water regime you choose from the control panel.

For example, if you choose alkaline water mode 1 (Alkaline 1), the tap water is alkaline water with a pH of 8-9, and the water running out the tap will be acidic. Because the water from the drain hose has an unstable pH, it is not recommended.

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Cleansui EU301 uses EUC2000 filter, also manufactured and imported entirely from Japan. My first impression with this filter is the extremely compact design, which can be easily held in your hand. Filter technology uses hollow fiber filter, so it can remove impurities and bacteria as small as 0.1 micrometres and retain essential minerals for the body.

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The electrolyte of the device with 5 electrode plates, made of Platinum and Titanium, is responsible for separating water molecules to create water with different pH. This bottle is durable with a shelf life of up to 10 years.

In addition, thanks to the automatic cleaning mechanism of the electrode, the device always ensures the hygiene and durability as committed by the manufacturer, so you can feel secure when using.

The mechanism of action of the device

When you choose an alkaline or acid water mode on the control panel, the water will go into the EUC2000 filter first. After that, the electrolyzer will treat the water cup with neutral pH (tap water according to State standards) to bring the corresponding water from the main tap, and there will be another type of water coming out of the discharge hose with properties and pH as opposed to water from the main tap (this water is not recommended for use due to an unstable pH).

Experiment with alkaline water from Cleansui EU301
I did a small test with alkaline water from Cleansui EU301. And the result is as follows:

6 small glasses containing water with different pH levels, created by Cleansui EU301 device. The color of water as it is now is the color that changed when I added the pH reagent.

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  • Testing to check the acid – alkali of the body

My acidic breath turned the first degree alkaline cup into acidic water (orange).
After that, I poured level 2 alkaline water into the glass of water above to bring it back to equilibrium, and the more it poured, the more alkaline it became (the color also changed gradually).

Cleansui EU301's ability to create alkaline water and its application
The device has the ability to create different alkaline water regimes. The alkalinity will increase gradually with the water levels from bottom to top and have the application as shown in the chart below.

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Filtered water from Cleansui faucet EU301 has smaller water molecules, better permeability, so it also brings many other values ​​to you when using:

  • Rehydration faster than normal water if taken after playing sports, outdoor activities, etc.
  • Soak fruits and vegetables, which can push out the preservatives and chemicals in fruits and vegetables (if any).
  • When making coffee or tea, thanks to the smaller water molecule, it helps the substance from tea or coffee more and faster.

Above are some of my experiences for Cleansui EU301 alkaline ion electrolysis device for your reference. Hopefully you will have more choices of water filtration products for your family.

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Overall Cleansui EU301 device when mounted in the kitchen.

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The top part is on the kitchen

Add some photos I just attached at home.

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