On hand cheap food: The table arranged to go to the yard or the balcony to drink coffee and tea costs 100k

  • Cheap price: only 100k for this table is cheap, but nothing else.
  • When not in use can be neatly folded.
  • Quite sure.
  • Beautiful colors.

Table form is the form of cross feet, table tops attached to the legs. You can also buy an X-shaped stand with a removable table, but I think this one looks more solid.


The material is painted iron, brothers can choose many colors such as red, orange, yellow, black, blue etc. and so on.


Two mounts will hold the feet when opened, help the table stand firmly, the table top will not fall like a removable table top.


The top of the table has a ledge to prevent the item from falling, or if the water is spilled, it will not fall to the ground.


Can sit a cafe with 3-4 people with this table.


It is also very reasonable to bring it to the front porch or balcony to sit on a cafe.


After using, fold it neatly and put it away.

Feel about the table:

  • Quite sure.
  • Price 100k is too cheap.
  • Good design, beautiful colors.
  • Handy and versatile, can be used for many different purposes. (Can’t study because the table is not flat.

Who is this table for:

  • People need a portable, compact coffee table.
  • People need a cheap but beautiful coffee table.
  • You started selling coffee on the sidewalk.
  • You started selling lemon tea.
  • Equip cafe toad.

You can buy at crossroads near your house, or buy online like shopee, lazada, etc. and so on.
I searched on Shopee with the keyword “lemon tea table” or “lemon tea table”, then many stores sell it, here is the Shopee link for you if needed: Lemon tea table.


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