On hand Canon Mini Photo Printer PV-123 photo printer: print photos easier than candy - VnReview

On hand Canon Mini Photo Printer PV-123 photo printer: print photos easier than candy – VnReview

Equipped with Zink Zero Ink inkjet printing technology with compact size and ease of use, Canon Photo Printer Mini Photo Printer PV-123 is an interesting product for those who want to store and share every moment My precious anytime, anywhere.

In the era of social networking, sharing moments in your life becomes easier than ever. With just one click or one touch, your image has been sent to anyone you want. But with really special memories that you always want to take with you and "show off" anytime, anywhere instead of finding "red eyes" in the photo gallery application, that's when you need a machine. print mini photos.

Recently, Canon officially introduced the Mini Photo Printer PV-123 in Vietnam. This is the smallest mini photo printer of the company equipped with Zink Zero Ink inkjet technology from Zink. The product is now priced at 3.3 million VND with three colors of gray, rose gold and mint green, accompanied by a stack of 10 sheets of photo paper and a microUSB charger cord.

Smaller than a wallet, you can bring people anywhere, very convenient

About design, Mini Photo Printer PV-123 has a plastic material design with two tones separated by an alchemy plastic strip. The device is sized (length x width x height) is 118.31 x 82.36 x 18.7 mm, weighing only 160g. Placed side by side, the device is smaller than the wallet I am using a bit, so you can completely put it in your pocket and take it anywhere, very convenient.

Power button is the only physical key on Mini Photo Printer PV-123

Due to being managed by the application via smartphone or tablet, the Mini Photo Printer PV-123 has no physical console. The only button on the phone is the power button, which is located on the left side of the device. Next to it is the LED indicating the status of the device.

The microUSB port only has a charging function, you cannot connect the printer to a computer or laptop

On the top side, we have a microUSB port, charging notification LED showing two colors red and blue, hanging wire slot and hole to reset information saved on the device. This microUSB port only has charging function so you cannot connect the printer to your computer. In fact, Mini Photo Printer PV-123 only supports one connection via Bluetooth.

You can link to social networking accounts and popular cloud storage sites like Facebook, Instagram, Google Photo and Dropbox

Equipped with a 500 mAh battery for users to take with them, the Mini Photo Printer PV-123 can print 20 photos before the battery runs out, according to Canon. However, because only 5V-1A input power is accepted, the battery charge time is quite long, about 90 minutes from when the battery is completely discharged to full charge.

The bottom edge of the machine is an image export slot. Canon has designed so that users cannot insert images back into the camera.

Photo paper tray inside the machine, allowing to store up to 10 sheets with one sheet of Smart Sheet

Inside the machine is a photo paper tray that allows up to 10 sheets with a sheet of Smart Sheet. Mini Photo Printer PV-123 only accepts Zink paper size 50×76 mm (2 x 3 inches). This is a glossy paper with good anti-fouling and scratching properties, the adhesive on the back can be separated and easily glued to any smooth surface, such as mirrors, countertops, phones, laptops, …

You can peel off the adhesive easily and paste the image on any flat surface

About software, Mini Photo Printer PV-123 works via Canon's Mini Print application that supports Android and iOS platforms. The operation principle of this application is very simple. Just connect to the printer via Bluetooth, select the image, apply filters and effects if desired and finally press the print button. You can print photos taken directly from the Mini Print application on your phone or link to several cloud storage and social networking sites like Dropbox, Google Photo, Facebook and Instagram.

Mini Print allows large images to be printed by combining 4 or 9 small images together. Of course users will have to manually join them together. In addition, the camera of the software is also equipped with augmented reality (AR) features with quite funny and rich images.

You can divide the image into 4 or 9 parts to create a large image

The augmented reality stickers of the application are quite funny and rich

Image quality and print speed of Mini Photo Printer PV-123 is only acceptable. Using Zink Zero Ink inkless printing technology, color crystals are printed right on paper, and the machine will use heat through a precise location calculation process to print image content. Because it no longer relies on ink, users can forget about ink spill issues, and Zink paper, which is still quite expensive – about VND 300,000 for 20 plates – has also become more accessible. Previously very much.

The color of the printed image still has certain differences in color compared to the original image …

But Zink Zero Ink's inkless printing technology is not without weakness. The color crystals of Zink technology can only reproduce colors that are a mixture of cyan (cyan), magenta (magenta) and yellow (yellow). Because there is no black color, the image lacks a profound depth, and the results often look like you've just applied a layer of Instagram filters. In other words, you should not expect to have images of equal quality to a specialized printer. But for a portable mini photo printer and the main purpose of hand-to-hand communication only in meetings, for example, that's not a big deal.

… but considering the main purpose of the machine, it is not too big a problem

In terms of printing speed, the manufacturer said this depends on many factors, such as resolution, color of the image, temperature of the machine. According to VnReview testing, the printer has a speed of 35-40 seconds for one image, on par with other Zink mini printers on the market.

In general, this is a small-sized pocket printer, easy to carry and print 2×3-inch photos really simply without the ink via connecting to a smartphone. It is suitable for those who need to record the moment in life in the traditional way. However, the product has a drawback is that the amount of printed color is not as good as the conventional photo printer and the cost of buying dry ink printing paper is currently quite expensive.

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