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On hand battery Energizer 10000mAh UE10042: 359k, compact, with LED screen showing battery percentage

If you are looking for a low-cost, compact, large-capacity backup battery, the Energizer 10000mAh UE10042 will be an option to consider. This battery is being sold exclusively on Shopee with the price reduced to 359k only (original price 600k).

Energizer is no stranger to you. This is a brand from the US and when you buy products, you will receive a 2-year 1-year-1 warranty, along with a global fire and explosion warranty. Also, on the case, it can be seen that this battery also has many safety and explosion-proof certificates such as CE, FCC, ETL, RoHS, DOE6.

Talking about this battery, its biggest advantage is its compact size compared to 10000mAh capacity. It is only about the size of a Card (but of course it will be thicker). Therefore, the portability of this battery is high, easy to carry with people or clamp with the phone used without being heavy or uncomfortable.

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However, UE10042 is a true "simple" battery. It does not have a fast charger or any accompanying PD. It has 3 charging ports including: 1 USB output port, 1 microUSB input, 1 USB-C input. In short, all of this battery packs in the formula: cheap + 10000mAh + compact. Below, I will sum it up for you to see and consider.

Advantages (should buy):

  • 10000mAh large battery capacity, but the battery size is compact, compact in hand.
  • Current price is cheap: 359k
  • Plastic battery casing but not "wobbly", the surface is also treated with stripes to hold more hands. (just strange to handle one side only)
  • There is a small LED screen to display the specific battery percentage (when the battery is plugged in, the percentage will blink for further notification)
  • Good warranty policy.
  • 2 charging ports include 1 microUSB and 1 USB-C.
  • Auto Voltage Sensing technology – automatic voltage sensor, tuned to be compatible with many mobile devices, can be plugged into both small devices such as watches, headsets, ..


  • No fast charging. The output is only 5V-2.1A, which is much faster than the "dirtier" ones but still not enough for fast charging for devices.
  • There are not many charging ports, only one output port.

Thanks to Energizer for lending me this product, Energizer UE10042 is being sold exclusively on Shopee here for those who care.

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The battery has a small power button – but simply plugging in the charger is automatically recharged without having to press the Power button first.

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