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On hand BatPower – 120W PD charger, Macbook Pro charger gets 86W + 2 more

Until humans make permanent batteries, we still have to depend on the charger. Recent advances in science and technology have partly made battery charging better, a better experience in the past, and one of the reasons it is better thanks to Quick Charge and Power Delivery. The charger I just bought has both, I'm using it with Macbook Pro 15 'and 2 phones (plus a lot of other things).

I used this Zero Lemon charger before, then this Hyper Juice, each has a different or different quality. Now the newest department I use is the 120W BatPower.

Videos on hand and feel:

A quick comparison chart, compare it with the other 3 parts: Apple zin charger, Zero Lemon, Hyper Juice. All the departments below I have used.

Through this diagram, you can see that if you use a Macbook Pro 13 inches or less (or Windows computers with equivalent power consumption) then Zero Lemon 75W or Hyper Juice 80W are well worth the equipment. But if you use Macbook Pro 15 ', why?, Use the other two departments still work, but using it still does not have !!!

Through a post on Delicate, I was introduced to this BatPower Department so I always buy it, know it has the disadvantage of only 2 USB A ports, but also play it too, let's see how it works !.

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Compare the size of lumps. The leftmost Batpower Department, in the middle is Hyper Juice, on the right is Apple's bureau. My Zerolemon Department has lost a USB port, so don't take it here to take a picture. But it will be the most compact in terms of size. With a rectangular shape and quite thin, the Batpower Department is easier to carry than Hyper Juice or Apple. But I didn't bring my Apple Department anywhere, I just put one in the office.

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Regarding the number of charging ports, the Apple department loses the last-ranked tail, the Hyper Juice Bureau ranks first, Batpower ranks second.

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Practically holding this hand, it is quite neat.

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Close up of 3 charging ports. The charger is made quite well, holding a tight sleeve dress, hoping to be durable.

Not enough because it only has 3 holes!

I only use these chargers when I go on business, or leave my backpack to work, go to the cafe and need to charge. And at home, they all have charging drives.

The number of devices to charge when traveling for business is quite a lot, including: Macbook Pro, 2 phones, 1 Kindle, 1 headset, 1 Beoplay A1, also has Apple Watch 4.
So there are 7 devices that need charging, but only 3 holes, how to make enough? At that time, I used a 5-hole department to plug in comfortably, now I have to think about singing.

I have predetermined that this charger has only 3 holes, know it so I have prepared psychology and handled as follows:

Some of my charging ways:

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Charging Mac Book Pro while working, plugging in two phones at the same time, the Mac is full of batteries by the time you go to sleep, you can leave two phones charging overnight, and plug the watch into the charger.

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Other devices such as headphones, Kindle or speakers are very long battery, 3-4 days need to be charged once, so it can be divided into shifts. Or the next morning to put the speakers and headphones in the hotel plugged in, just bring the computer to work. (But so if the battery runs out of battery on the day of the battery, please)

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Another way is to take advantage of the USB C port of the Macbook Pro, Mac plugged into the charger, and the phone plugs into the USB-C of the Mac, this time the Note 9 and iPhone are fast charging, and the charger is left over. 2 public A let me charge other devices.

So although it is a bit lacking, if it is difficult to apply, it is still enough to use in case of working far away.

Parameters of this department:

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I bought it for $ 70 not taxed on Amazon, coming to Vietnam, it is equivalent to 1tr850 thousand, in addition to charging for phones and MacBooks, it of course can charge for all USB-C PD machines such as: Microsoft Surface Book PD 2, HP, Lenovo, Yoga, Asus, LG, Dell Precision XPS, Razer Blade Stealth, Acer, MSI … etc and so on.

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