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On hand and quickly try Xiaomi's 20 Watt wireless charging dock: 1 and a half hours full of 3,300 mAh battery

One of the notable highlights of this device is the fast wireless charging capability for phones that support wireless fast charging, specifically the Xiaomi Mi 9.

The charging process doesn't make the charger itself as well as the phone heats up. This is achieved by the built-in heat sink fan inside the charging dock, not too noisy when operating and can only hear the sound when your room does not have any other noises.

More specifically about this device, how to design, how fast charging will be in the content below. Please follow us.


* Output:
Qi standard wireless charger: 5W
Wireless fast charger for Xiaomi smartphones with support: 20W
* Input: Power Delivery 18W or higher
* Size: 3.9 x 3.9 x 0.7 inches
* Weight: 147 g


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The size of this charging dock is quite compact, light, and can even be held in the hand to charge and play games. On the hip side there is a USB Type C port and on the opposite side we have a small blue LED to indicate that it is in charging mode.

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The upper side is the rubber pad designed for a certain hiss to keep the phone from slipping – a plus in design.

On the back is the manufacturer logo and some basic information. Right in the groove position on the back of the charging dock, it is equipped with heat dissipation holes and practical tests that show they are very useful in reducing the charging temperature. The process shows that when charging, charging dock and phone only warm up, not overheating.

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Overall, the level of completion of this charging dock is very good. Each is because of white, so it will be very dirty and used for a long time. As you can see, I just opened the box for a few days and it was black and black at the base.

Charging capability

After talking about the appearance, we will discuss the actual performance of this device. To test the charging speed of the base as well as verify its power level is the same as what the manufacturer announced to fly, I found a Mi 9 to carry out the test.

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The test with the Xiaomi Mi 9 – the device that supports wireless fast charging technology shows that the output level is about 22W, exactly as we expected.

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With this power level, the battery charging time of 3.300 mAh of the charging dock is about 1 hour 35 minutes. It only takes about 30 minutes to charge more than 50% of the battery capacity. At the end, the input current decreases and protects the battery's battery life.

Because it is a device that supports the Qi standard, so the 20W charging dock can also charge other smartphones as long as it supports Qi. My test for the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is that the charging capacity is somewhere around 5W and costs a total of 3 hours and 17 minutes to fully charge the 4,200 mAh battery of the device.

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Overall with a price of about 350k, I think this is a device useful for those who are using Mi 9, and for those who need to buy yourself a regular wireless charging dock, this is also a device is worth considering.


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