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On hand and giving Mi Band 4: color screen, 6-axis sensor is worth the price, 690k

Since I was in Mi Band 2 for 3 years and now holding a new Mi Band, it really has evolved a lot, but the most important thing is not losing the substance it created: the bracelet Hand tracking cheap health. The Mi Band 4 is only about 700k but it does more work, the screen is beautiful and sharp, the battery is 20 days.

The design of the Mi Band 4 does not change much from its previous generations, if it is thicker or bigger, it is impossible to recognize when holding or wearing on hand, only through specs. Still a capsule-shaped device and attached to a rubber strap, there are 4 colors to choose from. The Home button is flattened against the screen, not concave like on the Mi Band 3, which is also the only button to be used in conjunction with the touch screen.

The back of the Mi Band 4 is still the sensor that measures the heart rate to be protruding against the surface, perhaps to make contact with our wrists easier. Two charging pins have been moved to Xiaomi Xiaomi this back but not very much because we still have to remove it from the wire when charging. The charging dock is still the USB-A port, not the C port, so it's better to be able to plug in anywhere to charge, even plugging into the iPad.

The screen is the most important upgrade on Mi Band 4, all of which we have a color screen, high resolution and large size. It sounds like nothing but it is something that makes Mi Band users happy. Previously, Mi Band users had to get used to a monochrome screen, the resolution was quite low: no color and no high resolution limited a lot of things that this bracelet could do.

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Thanks to the color, the screen of Mi Band 4 has many clock faces on many themes, colors are very beautiful, on Xiaomi's stock there are more than 70 watch faces available for us to use. In addition, it also helps the content, icons display live and fun rather than monochrome. Combined with high resolution, everything becomes smooth and sharp. It is also good to look outside in the hot sun. Unfortunately, Xiaomi does not allow us to customize this watch face, for example only the calories, do not show footsteps …

The Mi Band 4 also has a 6-axis sensor which is a new upgrade. Thanks to this sensor, Mi Band will receive more accurately the sports you play, for example, going swimming it receives exactly the types of swimming including breaststroke and swimming. Or like many other sports disciplines, it also receives well.

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Regarding smartphone connectivity, it supports receiving incoming call notifications, messages as well as other applications such as Facebook, Messenger, Mail, Instagram … If you're listening to music, you can also control music right on Here with the ability to skip the post or pause, adjust the volume. Xiaomi said its battery was 20 days on par with Mi Band 3 but with color screen and resolution, larger size.

Mi Store gave me this Mi Band 4 to give you. They are currently selling it for 690k. You comment on something about Mi Band 4 and I will choose randomly to give, the deadline until 23h59 on June 20 (Thursday). Thank you Mi Store store (364 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, HN).


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