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On hand and donate USB memory to secure data, not infect the virus of VSEC

DataSafe 18 is a USB storage drive product of Vietnam Network Security Company (VSEC), it has many security strengths such as 256 AES hardware encryption, password lock or ability to operate without worrying. infected with virus from computer. If you need to save sensitive data and need the highest security, then this is an appropriate product.

VSEC has given me a 32GB red to make on hand so I give it back to those who need to store data and need good security. What you need to do is comment something about the product as well as its features. Deadline will be 23h59 on 10/6/2019, I will randomly draw comments to award.


The USB memory stick made by Vietnam has a very beautiful and eye-catching design, metal body with glass surface at the numeric keypad. It is big on the tail and tapered gradually when it comes to the beginning of the USB connection to the computer. This part of the connector is covered and protected with a piece of metal, pushed aside to open. It is quite inconvenient and entangled when it is easier to hide this cover. In return, the opening mechanism seems very solid and feels, it is made to avoid wear and dirt when used for a long time.

The numeric keypad consists of 6 keys and a key lock, the glass ball looks luxurious. There is a light on the security logo section, this light will tell you about the status of the USB is open or locked, or the wrong password is entered.


There are 3 things you need to consider: unlock with integrated keyboard, hardware data encryption and resistance to virus infection.

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DataSafe 18 has 6 numeric keys from 0-5 so you can combine it into a series of password numbers. To use it, you hold down the lock key when the light is on and vibrate, then press the number sequence to open it, the default password is 12345, after pressing the password, press the lock again to unlock it, when the light turns green. If you enter the wrong password 9 times, DataSafe 18 will be frozen for 12 hours to protect user data, but if it is entered incorrectly more than 18 times, the internal data will be permanently deleted and cannot be restored. So in case you lose the USB and worry about the data in the wrong hands will not happen. When removing the USB from the computer, it will immediately lock, or if still plugged into the computer without using it (accessing data) after 10 minutes, it will automatically lock.

Combined with the password is a 256-bit AES standard hardware encryption, roughly the data you store here is 100% encrypted, as is the case of theft and bad guys taking advantage and reading sectors It is also impossible to see the specific content in it.

DataSafe 18 will be the safest and fully featured feature on the Windows platform, along with it is a dedicated program to manipulate this USB memory. It will create a non-standard partition to store data to protect from infection. For example, when you plug this USB into a strange computer, you don't worry about being infected while still being able to view the document and edit it. The interface of the program will allow you to drag and drop two-way data between USB and computer. And you can only operate in this program, dragging files from outside the computer cannot be done. This software will only launch when on USB, I try to copy it to the computer and open it and not run.

When USB is in this format, you will not be able to see the partition outside of the computer, but only with the included software. In case you want to use it as a regular USB memory stick, you will have to reformat the USB in one of the three formats it supports are ExFAT, FAT32 and NTFS. At this time your data in USB will not be protected from viruses. And if you want to use the non-standard partition again, you will have to reformat again (opening the program will require format).

Some other characteristics

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The VSEC says their USB flash memory uses the standard military memory chip of SanDisk. DataSafe 18's focus on data protection is also expressed in the USB standard, it is not a high-speed 3.0 or 3.1 standard, which is not what users need when they search for a top-level USB security.

Inside there is a small battery for electronic components, the product has two capacities of 32GB or 64GB and two colors black and red. If you need to find out more details, please look at: https://usec.vn/


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