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On hand and donate a 3-in-1 Mophie wireless charger


  • Wirelessly charge for: iPhone, Airpods and Apple Watch
  • Can charge both Airpods and Airpods Pro
  • A charger for Apple Watch is not needed for your brother
  • The finish is undoubtedly the best in the 3-in-one wireless chargers

This is a wireless charger for brothers who are using 3 Apple products at the same time: iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods. There are many wireless chargers for leather devices for Apple products. However, the quality as high as this Mophie is not much. I have used some but I like this one the most. Given two sets, one set for use and one for everyone.

The charger is powered by a separate adapter, so make sure the charger is fully charged. In the charging information, you will have an iPhone that accepts 7.5W and Airpods and Watch, so it is not mentioned. So you guys leave this at home to take out your charger and then bring it out to use tomorrow.

Because the product has a beautiful design and a high level of finishing, you can use it to decorate the table or nightstand. Particularly for watches, it leaned up rather than lying straight so look better.


Information on the box about charging 3 devices at the same time. Mophie Brand, is the brand that makes the most genuine accessories today. I have used many Mophie accessories and are satisfied with the quality and experience.


It is designed to fit an Apple Watch, Airpods, and iPhone with wireless charging. In the picture is iPhone Xs.


I tried Airpods Pro to charge it too.


Adapter power supply separately, do not use via USB. Plug standard according to Vietnam market.


Apple Watch charger is available in the box, you do not need to use your Apple Watch charger.


Position to Apple Watch slightly inclined.


A little paradox is that Mophie left a bit for the crown of the clock to rotate down. But when you turn it down to the correct position, the face of the watch doesn’t show up, or you have to change the clock to use your right hand. I find it strange but the experience does not affect.


Quite compact

Game: The device you are using to charge the iPhone is here, any name or picture will be OK. Finish at 23:59 June 14, 2020. Mod will randomly select the cmt to determine who is lucky. Click to check the inbox later.

More photos:

Pictured here is the SEN leather strap of Khacten.com. Brothers and sisters who buy leather straps for Apple Watch, then buy this one to support themselves so that we can earn gifts for you again 😁


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