OMO won the prestigious award at MMA Smarties X worldwide

SMARTIES X was organized by Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) in 2019 on a global scale to promote the pioneering transformation & future design of the advertising industry with a focus on mobile, led by leading minds. in the technological age.

And OMO with the campaign "Temporarily leave the screen, experience life" has excellently registered Vietnam in the international arena with the Bronze Prize for the category "Social impact" (SMART effect on society) at SMARTIES X 2019. Here is not easy category when only 2 campaigns across the globe are honored this year. As Mr. Mai Ngoc Nhan, head of the OMO Matic brand, said: “In order to compete in this category, the brand must not only have creativity and innovation, it also needs to prove its effectiveness & impact on change. really go to the community ”. So how did OMO win this tough category?

“Purpose-Driven Marketing” & the monument of “What is dirty about it” of the past

"Purpose-Driven Marketing" (roughly translated: Marketing for the purpose of meaning) is no stranger to the leading brands. In a world full of products that provide almost the same value of use, consumers are also gradually "boring" with repeated messages of physical / emotional benefits, Market-Leaders must find. how to get out. By taking the brand out of pure product stories, to engage in big issues, it is the concern of the whole community where the value that the brand is promoting has a connection. with his customers. According to a survey from consulting firm Accenture on 30,000 people across 35 countries, nearly two thirds want the brand "Take a stand" in the universal issues of society.(first).

"We need a story that transcends stains," shared Mai Ngoc Nhan.

And talking about "Purpose-Driven Marketing" in Vietnam, it is impossible not to mention the "monument" OMO. For a long time, the message "What stinks" has gone beyond the usual washing to encourage innocent children "to learn good things" that have conquered the minds of millions of Vietnamese families. And by 2019, still in that direction but not sleeping on the old victory, OMO needs to "upgrade" a new story.

“A story that goes beyond stains, a painful problem in society in which I see the value & role of a leading brand like OMO needs to be really brave“ take a stand ” to solve with the community ”- Mr. Mai Ngoc Nhan affirmed.

OMO 2019: the story to create "Social Impact"

Stemming from the problem can be considered the reverse of the digital age – "bowed generation" – the naïve way of overreaching digital devices. And when summer comes, OMO recognizes that children are the most disadvantaged when parents or the kids themselves are keeping their eyes on the screens, ignoring the exciting life experiences out there. A summer of colorful childhood is being "stolen" by digital screens. And OMO is determined to "bring the real summer back" by encouraging people to "Temporarily leave the screen, experience life".

However, the inherent challenge of "Purpose-Driven" is that when a problem has become universal in society, it is no longer new. At that time, the brand must apply the most creative and innovative ways to "awaken" the community & create "Social Impact". And OMO chose to create surprises, as Mr. Mai Ngoc Nhan recalled the time of OMO's strategic decision: “That is a very contradictory and very real challenge for our team, because we choose to encourage people to leave the screen temporarily, from the screen they're watching. "

Unleash the influence of Mobile Marketing on Omni-Channel (multi-channel)

On digital media, understanding the behavior of Vietnamese Online users often spend a lot of time watching videos (up to more than 4 hours a day, Kanta Millward Brown 2017), OMO chose YouTube to call for a temporary leave of the screen. With the super-short 6-second video format Bumper Ads extremely suitable to convey the message to mobile users, OMO has cleverly selected 5 situations where people often sit alone "glued" to the screen (including watching movies, playing games, chatting, watching football, watching lifestyle clips) and giving opposing images soon after when the whole family plays in the spacious natural space.

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Two consecutive high-contrast images in the right contextual relevance really touched the minds of the viewers. These Bumper Ads also lead to, where people will actually put the screen down to redeem tickets for useful extracurricular courses for families.

With Social Media focusing on Facebook & Mobile with the need to experience a variety of content, OMO and Biz-Eyes have collaborated with a lot of educational organizations, individuals, influencers as well as Fanpage pages. community to convey the message in different ways. It could be "orthodox" like a video of the principal about a real summer for children, maybe a thought about a stolen summer by writer Nguyen Nhat Anh, or just a drawing of Fine Art students … All are gentle but powerful messages from many perspectives to spread on social networks & make changes.

(embed) (/ embed)

More specifically with OOH channel, OMO has proved that with the delicate and sensitive way of "Purpose-Driven", the effect is not only achieved in Offline but also spread the opposite impact on mobile & social. From the cheerleading murals in the concept of the past summer & now, depicting very common everyday situations, a photo accidentally taken by people walking by phone has caused a viral wave on Facebook. . A picture in the right way of "less understood", is the type of Digital-First Content that social network users often share whenever they surf newsfeed on mobile, contributing to creating a strong wave of resonance from Offline to Go to Online. This is also an achievement that Mr. Mai Ngoc Nhan is very proud of: “People often think that Offline – Online activities are independent of each other, but if we know how to combine them, we will have a strong spillover effect. from both the real world and the digital world ”.

In addition, with On-Ground activities, OMO also actively cooperates with many partners such as Tipsy Art, Global Art, Van An play center, Tomato extracurricular school, Konnit Adventure experience area … to organize. a series of summer festivals for kids across the country. More than 7,000 families joined more than 10,000 children to experience the "real" summer. Tens of thousands of colorful pictures of learning and learning were recorded by parents & children, thousands of happy check-in moments were spread as a testament to the widespread influence that OMO's campaign brought. to social.

Victory helps win the hearts of consumers

A major risk for brands when doing "Purpose-Driven" to a social problem & "Take a stand" is often to get mixed opinions. OMO chose a bold way to coordinate with strong resonant multi-channel communication, but also could not fail to mention the extremely expensive & subtle "Temporarily" word in the message "Temporarily leave the screen, experience the live "has helped OMO" occupy 100% of the heart "of consumers.

Understand that in a digital world that cannot be completely removed from the screen, OMO's "Temporarily" makes the message a lot softer, as a reminder without causing any discomfort or "dogma" cliché. ”. As a result, there is almost no mixed opinion for this campaign, but only the strong support and companionship of the community, an extremely wonderful result rare for "purpose-driven marketing". It can be said that with the complete victory of changing the disgraceful image to bring this love message, OMO has "evolved" to become a patron brand for Family Experience, Experience the development of life from problems. The problem that modern society has to offer, with a more "social impact" campaign!


Client: OMO
Social Agency: Biz-Eyes
Media Agency: Mindshare

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* Source: Unilever

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