Olympic men’s football schedule 2020

Olympic men’s football 2020 begins on July 22 and ends with a gold medal match on August 7, 2021.

Just like Euro 2020, Olympic 2020 after a year of hiatus will start again in the summer of 2021. One of the most interesting content of the summer Olympics, men’s football will kick off the day before The Olympics officially opened.

Specifically, from July 22, the 2020 Olympic ball will officially roll, where 16 young teams fight for the prestigious gold medal. The final of the 2020 Olympic men’s football kicks off on August 7 at the International Yokohama Stadium.

For the convenience of our readers, we will provide the full schedule of Olympic men’s football 2020.


Day Hours Board Match Direct


14:30 Table Size Egypt vs. Spain
15:00 Table A Mexico vs. France
15:00 Table New Zealand vs. Korea
15:30 EASY Table Ivory Coast vs. Saudi Arabia
17:30 Table Size Argentina vs. Australia
18:00 Table A Japan vs. South Africa
18:00 Table Honduras vs. Romania
18:30 EASY Table Brazil vs. Virtue


14:30 Table Size Egypt vs. Argentina
15:00 Table A France vs. South Africa
15:00 Table New Zealand vs. Honduras
15:30 EASY Table Brazil vs. Ivory Coast
17:30 Table Size Australia vs. Spain
18:00 Table A Japan vs. Mexico
18:00 Table Romania vs. Korea
18:30 EASY Table Saudi Arabia vs. Virtue


15:00 EASY Table Saudi Arabia vs. Brazil
15:00 EASY Table Germany vs. Ivory Coast
15:30 Table Romania vs. New Zealand
15:30 Table Korea vs. Honduras
18:00 Table Size Australia vs. Egypt
18:00 Table Size Spain vs. Argentina
18:30 Table A France vs. Japan
18:30 Table A South Africa vs. Mexico


15:00 Quarterfinals 1 Best C vs. Second EASY
16:00 Quarterfinals 2 Best A vs. runner-up
17:00 Quarterfinals 3 Best D vs. Second runner-up
18:00 Quarterfinals 4 Best B vs. Second A


15:00 Semifinals 1 Won TK 4 vs. Win 3
18:00 Semi-finals 2 Won TK 2 vs. Win 1st century
6/8 18:00 Third place Lose BK 1 vs. Lose to BK 2
7/8 18:30 Final Won BK 1 vs. Win BK 2
Olympics 2020
Tables for men’s Olympic football 2020

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