Sforum - Latest technology information page man-hinh-OLED-moi-2 OLED display technology in hybrid salaries will help smartphones save battery power significantly.

OLED display technology in hybrid salaries will help smartphones save battery power significantly

Although the OLED black screen now also helps the phone save a lot of battery, however in the future new technology can do much more.

One of the biggest enemies of smartphone batteries is the screen. They continue to be larger, as evidenced by the OnePlus 7 Pro's 6.67-inch screen and need great brightness for good outdoor displays. That means the screen consumes more battery power. However, according to the report of Phys Org, the new OLED technology (organic light-emitting diode) can solve this problem when increasing screen brightness but still saving energy.

According to Techradar, new OLED technology is being developed by a team at the Department of Physics and Chemistry at the Royal College of London. They are using a special development process that helps OLED displays emit polarized light.

So what does that mean? The screen usually includes filters to help reduce glare from external light sources (like the sun). These things make it easier for users to see the light coming from the device screen.

By creating polarized light-emitting OLEDs, the team at Imperial College London can bring light from OLED through polarizing filters while external light sources will still be filtered by it.

Sforum - Latest technology information page man-hinh-OLED-moi-1 Technology OLED display in hybrid salary will help smartphones save battery power significantly more

Currently, the new OLED technology will not make much sense to the phone because it is still in development. However, it is likely that in the future, smartphones will have significantly better battery life if used with this new OLED technology.

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