Older iPhones suddenly received the iOS 12.5.1 update

Older iPhone models working on iOS 12 have just received the iOS 12.5.1 update.

Apple just released iOS 12.5.1 for older iPhone models that are only supported up to iOS 12. This update adds security flaws and Covid-19 exposure notification feature.

As you know, the Exposure Notification system was jointly developed by Apple and Google to help users and authorities track the spread of Covid-19 through Bluetooth.

This feature was previously released on iOS 12.5 and iOS 14.3 versions. The new iOS 12.5.1 update not only fixes the problem of displaying the wrong language on the exposure notification, this update also helps the device to improve performance and fix some outstanding bugs.

To upgrade iOS 12.5.1, please visit the link Setting> General> Software Update.


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