The future, users of iPhone lock in the future will have a photo

Old post repeats, iPhone lock users in Vietnam miserable | Should buy iPhone lock in Vietnam

"All ICCID codes used for activation Iphone Network lock (iPhone lock) has been Apple block, "Mr. Ha Phung, administrator of Vietnam iPhone lock user community shared on Facebook.

Accordingly, on the morning of July 20, many users said that when inserting the SIM to activate the device, the iPhone will show a warning message "Activation error". Users also cannot use the normal call and texting features of a phone.

Many users share they cannot activate the iPhone on the morning of July 20.

Unlike previous times, Apple only blocked activating some ICCID codes on a certain operating system version. This time, many users said they could not activate the machine despite using different software versions.

"Tests show that this situation occurs in many different software versions, including iOS 11, iOS 12 and iOS 13 beta. Currently, with the device enabled, users should not updating the operating system, restoring or deleting all data on the machine ", Mr. Ha Minh Duc – a technician at a specialized iPhone store in Cau Giay, Hanoi – said.

Currently, most iPhone lock users in Vietnam use White-SIM (a series of new SIM SIM cards) to activate the device. It allows users to simply activate the device once with an ICCID code, then it may not need to have a SIM card attached. Simultaneously, White-SIM also supports changing different SIM types without reactivation.

This SIM appeared in Vietnam market in July 2018 and created a fever in the iPhone lock user community. Even at that time, it made the iPhone lock the network into a product that many users sought.

However, over the past half year, Apple has been continuously releasing updates that cause iPhone lock to have an activation error or cannot use SIM pairing. From iOS 12.2 version, the company also integrated features to detect "fake international" iPhones.

The future, users of iPhone lock in the future will have a picture of him 2
iPhone network blocking is frequently blocked by Apple in recent times, affecting many users. Photo: Quang Trung.

That has made many users gradually turn away from products. Even many specialized iPhone-selling stores in Hanoi have stopped trading this item because of their inconvenience.

"The system has stopped trading iPhone lock items for nearly a year now. At the moment, this kind of goods is no longer receiving attention from users. In addition, it brings lots of risks and inconveniences to people. used in the long-term use ", Mr. Nguyen Hoang Giang – owner of a long-time portable phone selling system in Hanoi – shared.

Mr. Jiang also said that users should not buy iPhones because they often have errors, instability. "In addition, the price of international iPhone devices is more accessible to the majority of users. The price gap between these two product lines is not much different than before," Giang said.


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