Old people back, what is the future of Kosovo?

Old people back, what is the future of Kosovo?

The election in Kosovo has just marked the historic victory of former Prime Minister Albin Kurt and the coalition.

According to the National Election Commission’s preliminary report, with more than 90% of the votes counted, the alliance between Mr. Kurti’s Self-Determination Movement (LVV) and independent candidate Vjosa Osmani will win about 48%. number of votes. This is the largest rate of support won in the country’s history since 1999 to present.

Speaking at his headquarters, Mr. Kurti said, the election is a referendum on justice and employment, against corruption and appropriation of state resources. This is an unprecedented event in the postwar history of Kosovo.

Mr. Kurti was known for many years as a prominent figure before his party headed to the general election in October 2019. However, he was given a vote of no confidence after only two months in office because of the influence of the opposition under the support of the administration of former US President Donald Trump since March 2020.

In this election, Mr. Kurti and his allies uphold the slogan of suppressing corruption by replacing the political class that has dominated power since NATO’s 1999 bombing campaign ended its rule. Serbian treatment of Kosovo.

Old people, future Kosovo like?
Former Prime Minister Albin Kurti won the historic election in Kosovo. Photo: AP

Although Mr. Kurti won, according to Politico, the future of Kosovo and its politics continues to be tied to the resolution of ongoing disputes with Serbia, a process that is complex and may not be appropriate. Kurti’s way of confrontation. An EU-sponsored dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia has made little progress over the years.

Vjosa Musliu, Associate Professor of Political Science at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel commented: “For Brussels, it is much more convenient to have someone unlike Kurti leading the dialogue, because I don’t see Kurti accepting it. take certain concessions or lack of clarity like past dialogue “.

Some have argued that Kurti’s proposed quick fix for corruption is simply to remove the leaders from power and let the diminishing effects be too simple to deal with. The country’s most popular deals.

“The danger is that this claim can be counterproductive if they come to power and within four years the big story about resolving corruption may fail,” said Associate Professor Musliu.

Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008, a decade after the brutal war from 1998 to 1999 between Albanian separatists and Serbs.

Most Western nations recognize this country, but Serbia and its allies Russia and China do not. Tensions in Kosovo remain a source of upheaval in the Balkans.

Negotiations over normalization of relations with Serbia were not featured in either party’s campaign.

Negotiations, mediated by the US and the European Union, stalled again last year.

Therefore, this Kurti ruling is expected to make the efforts of the US and Europe to promote a treaty between Kosovo and Serbia will become more and more complicated. The European Union and NATO have long wanted to draw Kosovo on their side and have made a prerequisite for Serbia to have a treaty with Kosovo in order to join the EU.



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