Humorous claims of Russians in the race to space: often tease Americans with gifts that imply profoundness - Photo 1.

often teasing Americans with gifts that imply "spicy"

In the early days of the Space Age, the Soviet Union was a great power in the aerospace industry, achieving most important milestones. The Space Age itself, the Space Age, began when the first artificial satellite of Sputnik humanity rose on October 4, 1957.

The Russians are extremely proud of their new position, they are confident with their abilities, confident in their humorous baboons. Occasionally, Russia has a "drama" to ridicule the US Space program, which is a bit slow.

Soviet Communist Party General Secretary Nikita Krushchyov was particularly interested in such campaigns.

On September 13, 1959, two years after the beginning of the Space Age, the Soviet Union put it on the moon to probe Luna 2. It carried two metal spheres – 7 cm in diameter and in turn. 12 cm – looks like two soccer balls.

On the pentagonal metal plates covering the surface of the globe, four symmetrical plates carry the Soviet national emblem, the rest carry a star, the "CCCP" stands for Союз Советских Социалистических Республик – Republic Union The Soviet Socialist wrote in Cyrillic language, "январь" means "January" and 1959 is the year Luna 2 touches the surface of the Moon.

A special feature of this mission is not stopping at measuring the Moon's elements: when Luna 2 touches the ground, the two spheres will burst to spread to the Moon the imprint of the Soviet Union.

Humorous claims of Russians in the race to space: often tease Americans with gifts that imply worms - Photo 2.

The version of the globe landing on the Moon is in the Kansas Cosmosphere museum.

Two days later, General Secretary Krushchyov arrived in the United States on an official visit, bringing a meaningful gift to President Dwight Eisenhower: a copy of the sphere successfully responded to the Moon two days ago.

Mr. Krushchyov stated loudly: "We have no doubt that the top engineers and workers of the United States, who work in the field of conquering the Universe, will also have their mark on the Face. Moon. And the Soviet Union's imprint was there, as a Moon 'citizen', will welcome your mark, then they will live on the Moon in peace and friendship. "

The humor of the Russians in the race to space: often teasing Americans with gifts that imply worms - Photo 3.

A year later, on August 19, 1960, the Russians achieved another milestone: they put two dogs Strelka and Belka in the air. The two dogs were seated in the Sputnik 5 satellite for 24 hours, returning safely to Earth, becoming the first living creatures to enter the Universe and return safely.

The following spring, Strelka gave birth to a great group of puppies. According to many sources, puppies are born at the time of the Governor John. F. Kennedy made the famous "Moon" speech, challenging patriotic people to race against the Russians in the race to the Moon.

Four weeks after the speech came, three Russian diplomats visited the White House, carrying a white-haired dog as a gift for Caroline, daughter of President Kennedy. In a letter to Kennedy, General Secretary Krushchyov said that the puppy named Pushinka, "descendant of the famous Strelka space travel dog".

These are not merely gifts to preserve friendship, they are a gentle reminder, a message in the form of gifts to Americans: how you say whatever you want, try to achieve Be the milestone of the space travel industry.

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