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Officially leaving the EU, the British celebrated the night

Brexit supporters had a sleepless night in many British cities, counting down to the 23:00 moment and turning on champagne, dancing and celebrating.

Brexit supporters turn on champagne to celebrate on George Square, Glasgow city after the UK officially left the EU from 11pm on the 31st of January. Photo: EPA

Britain has officially entered a new chapter when the final Brexit official moment has arrived at 23:00 on January 31, 2020, ending 47 years of fog country as a member of the European Union (EU).

Thus, since February 1, the UK has officially “divorced” from the EU after 3 years of struggling with the challenges that divided the families and at one time paralyzed Westminster Palace.

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Brexit supporters gathered in Parliament Square, London.

Video of the countdown moment at 10 Downing Street (Source: Daily Mail)

Earlier, on January 30, the European Parliament voted for the Brexit Agreement. This is also the final vote of 73 British parliamentarians in the EU. Congressman Molly Scott Cato, pitying Green party: “Now is not the time to campaign for re-participation, but we must keep the dream alive. Especially for the young people brimming with European support. “I keep in my heart that someday I will return to this parliament to celebrate the return to central Europe. Thank you.”

British parliamentarians in the European parliament were pity when they said goodbye.

However, the words of former Senator Nigel Farage – the architect of the campaign to leave the EU – are not overflowing with such friendship: “There is a historic battle going on throughout the West, in Europe, in America and other places, it’s globalism against populism and there may be people who hate populism, but let me say one thing, it’s becoming very popular. “.

During the event to celebrate the night of January 31, Mr. Nigel Farage was also one of the brightest faces.

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Former Senator Nigel Farage, who was dubbed the “Mr Brexit”, was delighted on Parliament Square. Photo: AFP / Getty Images
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The British flag was lifted from the podium at the European Council headquarters in Brussels on the night of January 31. Photo: AP

According to the Daily Mail, the last moments of the UK that belonged to the EU were projected onto a famous black door on Downing Street, where Prime Minister Boris Johnson held a celebration party with his subordinates after the performance. Nationwide literature was recorded from before.

In a speech, the British Prime Minister said leaving the EU was “a moment of hope, a moment that many people thought would never come”, asserting that Brexit would “unleash” Britain’s potential. , but warns there will be many “road bumps”.

While Brexit supporters are happy, those who want Britain to remain very upset about breaking ties with the bloc and warning that the Brexit story is not over yet.

Watch videos of people gathered on Parliament Square counting down to the moment when Britain officially left the EU:

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    23:00 GMT on January 31, 2020 (6:00 am 1/2 Vietnamese time), the UK officially exits the European Union (EU), ending 47 years as a member of the largest regional trade bloc. This crystal.

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    The European Parliament approved the Brexit Agreement, the UK officially left the EU on January 31

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