Official roll call CDPR: reduce overtime brought by cyberpunk 2077

Recently, according to foreign media GameDaily report, the International Game Developers Association issued a statement expressing concerns that CDPR needs employees to work long hours.

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Last week, CDPR announced a five-month bounce for Cyberpunk 2077. It also stated that because the game is in the final stage, despite the studio’s measures to limit overtime, it is unavoidable to a certain extent “It takes longer to work.

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(Renee Gittins)

IGDA executive director Renee Gittins said: “The balance between work and life is crucial to the mental health of developers, and studios should consider the health of employees when determining a new release date.” “Gamers have become more aware of the game Developers are under pressure, and they are more aware of delayed releases. “Gittins also said:” The gaming industry needs to know more about how to treat its employees, and the bigger the opener, the more it needs to pay attention to this. “

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