Official Raspberry Pi 4: 3 times faster CPU, 2 4K screen output, faster connection, cost from $ 35

Official Raspberry Pi 4: 3 times faster CPU, 2 4K screen output, faster connection, cost from $ 35

The 4th generation of the newly released Raspberry Pi computer. Raspberry Pi 4 brings a lot of hardware upgrades in every way. This includes CPUs that are upgraded to 3 times performance, Wi-Fi ac + Bluetooth 5.0 wireless network, optional RAM to 4 GB for $ 35 (1 GB RAM).

The 4th generation circuit board structure is similar to the previous generation of Raspberry Pi. New features are listed below:

  • Power source: use port USB-C Replace microUSB with adapter 5V-3A, can use Nokia charger or Google Pixel, provide power 1.2A to peripheral devices using USB-A.
  • Screen connection: use 2 gate HDMI microphone (type-D) replaces the previous full-size HDMI port. VideoCore GPU supports OpenGL ES 3.0, supports videos up to 4K60Fps
  • Communication: USB is connected via PCIe Gen 2 protocol, providing 4 Gbps of total bandwidth for 4 ports 2x USB 3.0 and 2x USB 2.0. 1 Gbps LAN port is compatible with PoE HAT.
  • Wireless connection: use dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0

The hardware of the Raspberry Pi 4 works on the Broadcom BCM2711 SoC platform with processor quad core 1.5 GHz multiply Cortex-A72. This platform supports LPDDR4 RAM, the system's storage memory provided via microSD card slot.


Raspberry Pi 4 was sold on June 24 with many options including:

  • 1GB RAM: 35 USD
  • 2GB RAM: 45 USD
  • RAM 4GB: 55 USD
  • Kinneir Dufort protective case made by T-Zero – plastic box design: $ 5 price.
  • Power supply USB-C 5V-3A Ktec: 8 USD
  • Kit worth 120 USD including 7 accessories: including Pi 4 4GB RAM, keyboard & mouse, HDMI cable, power, 32GB memory card.




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